Have You Been to Seasons 52?

Happy Friday! You’ve worked hard all week and now it’s time to celebrate. If you haven’t already, reward yourself by heading over to Seasons 52, a new restaurant in La Jolla that’s popped up at the UTC Mall as part of their billion dollar expansion project. Not only will you be able to indulge with a glass of wine or a cocktail, you can leave feeling guilt free as all of the sensational selections are 475 calories or less.

You heard it right, 475 calories for appetizers, entrees and desserts. But don’t worry, you won’t have to sacrifice taste or quality when dining at Seasons 52. The restaurant prides itself as a fresh grill and wine bar, inviting guests to enjoy their seasonally-inspired menu, full of bold flavors to excite and delight one’s pallet.

Seasons 52 is one of the few restaurants that has been able to successfully embrace the small portion trend that is steadily growing among top restaurateurs. Combating unhealthy eating habits and promoting a more mindful approach to dining, Seasons 52 has a mission that goes beyond serving fresh, quality meals.

As the forerunner of this type of dining, Seasons 52 has quite a bit of experience under their belt, which has allowed them to create a menu that features a wide selection of mouthwatering, low calorie entrees. Their lunch and dinner menus offer various grilled appetizers, salads, flatbreads, poultry and meat dishes, and fish and seafood entrees. Also be sure to check out their Specials Menu which features new market inspirations 52 weeks a year. Executive Chef, Clifford Pleau works with his staff to create adventures through food, using ingredients at their peak freshness and favor profile.

Before heading home, order something off of the mini indulgence dessert menu. Seasons 52 is the acclaimed pioneer of the mini indulgence concept, smaller portion sizes of desserts that still feature high-impact flavors and top quality ingredients. At the end of your meal try one, or even a few, of the small decadent desserts and have all of the pleasure with none of the guilt!

Have you been to the Seasons 52 restaurant in La Jolla yet? Share your experience with us and tell us if you would recommend it to the La Jolla Blue Book readers!

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