The Gillispie School Celebrates Earth Week April 22-26th


Last week, Gillispie School students of all ages rolled up their sleeves and lent a “hand” in decorating recyclable and reusable shopping bags that can found at Come on In and Jonathan’s this week. The bags include a label wishing users a “Happy Earth Day” from Gillispie and requesting that the bags be re-used or recycled.

Other Earth Week events that the students will be participating in include:
Monday 4/22: Power Down Day (classrooms will look for ways to reduce electricity use)
Tuesday 4/23: No-Trash Lunch Day (students should bring reusable lunch supplies to school)
Wednesday 4/24: Don’t Print That! Day (classrooms will work to reduce printing)
Thursday 4/25: Walk/Bike/Carpool to School Day (if it works for your family)
Friday 4/26: Earth Wear Dress-up Day (wear something related to recycled, energy, protecting the Earth, or in the colors of green and blue)

While celebrating Earth Week is a great way to keep students engaged in environmental education, the Gillispie community is proud to embrace eco-friendly and sustainable-minded practices all year long.

These practices included the incorporation of sustainability into our Science specialty curriculum, student gardening and composting, campus-wide recycling initiatives, and the school’s acquisition of roughly 40 percent of its electricity from the solar panels attached to its roof.

To learn more about how Gillispie is going green, visit

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