Small Tokens of Appreciation for Public Service Workers

Photo Credit: siliconangle.comThis holiday season, consider giving gifts to the La Jolla service people who help you and your family on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Spread holiday cheer and give them a gift or generous tip to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. So what is an appropriate and respectable gift to give public service workers? We’re here to help you pick the best present for your trusted service person.

First of all, who do you want to gift? Any service providers that help you out on a regular basis would be a good person to gift for the holidays. People like a nanny, mailperson, trash collector, gardener, housekeeper or teacher. Consider getting these handy helpers a gift card, a fresh fruit basket or baked goods! It doesn’t need to be extravagant; a kind gesture that shows you care is plenty during the holiday season.

Service people who go above and beyond, like a lawyer or a home health care provider would also be a good person to add to your Christmas gift list. A handwritten note that expresses your gratitude with a homemade snack or something you know they would enjoy could speak volumes.

Do you have a physician, doctor or physical therapist in La Jolla that you’ve established a working relationship with? Show him or her you gratitude by gifting a funny or job-related item you think they would enjoy. Showing these people you care on a regular basis is a great way to thank them for their help throughout the year and is a nice gesture that is sure to be appreciated!

It also helps to throw in a little extra money when tipping service people over the holidays. Did you get your hairstylist squeeze you in right before a big work party? Do you have a personal trainer who’s helped you drop that last 5 pounds? Are you eating out at a restaurant and being waited on during a holiday? Tip these hard working people a little extra just to say “Thank you.”

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