GDC Construction: The Shifting Architectural Landscape of La Jolla

gdc constructionLa Jolla has long been known for its beach-side bungalows and craftsman-style homes; since the early days of Ellen Browning Scripps and long before the community’s evolution into a modern-day beach town, architecture has played a big role in La Jolla’s identity.

Having grown up locally, Pancho Dewhurst of GDC Construction respects this part of history, an understanding that’s evident in all of GDC’s projects. Finding a balance between old and new is a uniquely La Jollan endeavor, and local home builders are at the forefront of the search.

A new generation of homeowner is revamping La Jolla’s architectural landscape; modern homes are replacing the smaller bungalow-type properties as La Jolla transitions from a small beach community to an extension of San Diego’s sprawling urban landscape. Local builders, architects, designers, and tradesmen are all managing this transition in their own way, from established professionals to newer businesses. The photos below depict a recently retrofitted home that was transformed from an older oceanfront bungalow into a modern and stylistic masterpiece.

gdc construction

It takes an orchestra of professionals to execute a project from concept to completion, and that kind of collaboration is often the key to its success. For Pancho, “established relationships with local architects, designers, artisans, craftsmen, vendors and tradesmen are instrumental in the successful completion of a building project.” Those mutually-respected relationships between the trades are essential in keeping everything moving as the builder completes the project – and anyone who is a homeowner will understand that time is of the essence in home remodel.

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As with any architectural transformation, change can also be seen in the expansion and restoration of commercial properties. Restaurants and retail stores alike are adapting a more modern feel, and local professionals are retrofitting spaces and redesigning their interiors. One of the most exciting transitions in La Jolla is the old Julian Bakery outlet on La Jolla Blvd. In the construction phase now, GDC Construction along with Marengo-Morton Architects is transforming the location into a new wine lounge, slated to open before the end of this year.

gdc construction

Maintaining the integrity of La Jolla’s historical architecture while incorporating modern elements is a delicate balance that Pancho and his team at GDC Construction strive for with every project. Keeping up with La Jolla’s ever-changing landscape is no easy task, but local collaboration and a love of all things La Jolla are Pancho’s keys to success.

For more information, visit GDC Construction at 1031 Silverado Street in La Jolla or give them a call at (858) 551-5222.

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