Garage Door Medics Offers Homeowners Free Safety Checks

Garage Door Medics Offers Homeowners Free Safety Checks
Did you know that over 20K people end up in emergency rooms from garage door injuries every year*?  Garage Door Medics believes that number can drastically be reduced if people did safety checks on a semi-regular basis.  That is why this holiday season (until the end of the year) Garage Door Medics is offering homeowners free safety checks. Garage Door Medics will come out to your home and perform a safety check and educate you to do them yourself so you can keep your family safe from harm.

Here are a few of their tips:

Many families use the garage door as their front door and that door is going up and down all day long.  This increases the chance of a garage door related injury.  Here are a few ways to minimize the risk.

#1.  Never go near a garage door until it has stopped moving.

#2.  Teach children and grandchildren about the dangers of garage doors and never let them operate garage doors.

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*Source US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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