Gallery at Land’s End: Shop Local This Holiday Season

gallery at land's endThe Gallery at Land’s End has called a cozy bungalow in northern Pacific Beach home since 1973, when it began as a small custom framing shop. Since then, it has nearly doubled its merchandise and blossomed into a staple in the community, now offering locally crafted gifts and jewelry in addition to custom frames. Thayne Yungman, previous employee and now-owner, is excited about the direction the shop is taking — and with the holidays quickly approaching, they’re gearing up for some awesome new items to hit the shelves. We sat down with Thayne to check out what’s new and what to expect this year at the Gallery.

In Search of the (Local) Craft

With more than twenty different artisan vendors featured in the shop at any given time, the Gallery at Land’s End is one of the biggest supporters of local artists in San Diego. A good portion of the people whose items are sold in the Gallery do what they love for a living and are trying to make a go of it by selling their wares in small local shops. One of the most important aspects of Thayne’s business is to encourage those sales and help local artists realize their dreams, and keeping it local has always been a number one priority for the Gallery.

gallery at land's endThe Gallery’s locally-inspired, artsy vibe renders it a bit “like Etsy, only you get to touch everything and you know it’s made here in our own backyards;” eclectic, one-of-a-kind, and truly original, the Gallery is a rarity in today’s increasingly corporate retail world. Discover the artists in your community and pick up handmade, quality gift for friends and family this season.

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A Flair for the Unique

gallery at land's end

Some of the more distinctive gifts in the store this winter include beautifully hand carved elm cutting boards and bowls; laser cut cards from Two Hermanos; organic soaps and hand-mixed perfumes; jewelry crafted by Julia Parker Designs, JaxKelly, and Noon Designs (to name a few); and a personal favorite — Japanese fishing float ornaments, which are hand-blown glass bulbs created by local artist Kathleen Mitchell of The Glashaus in Barrio Logan.

The floats’ original purpose was to hold fishing nets in the water, when large groups of fishnets strung together were set adrift and supported near the surface by the hollow glass balls. The bulbs are no longer being used by fishermen, but replicas of the floats make for interesting home decor.

Surf-Inspired Wood Prints

This month, Thayne is showcasing his own film photography in the store. All of it is surf/ocean-inspired, and the photos are printed directly onto pieces of wood – a pretty intensive process that can take up to several hours and involves a laser etching the print directly onto a thick slab of either mahogany or maple wood. Thayne’s deeply-rooted love of the ocean and San Diego’s surf culture stems from being a true local himself, a big part of the reason why the Gallery is so community-focused.

The store typically rotates through at least four or five photography/print shows a year, all of the pieces from which are on display and up for sale. Prices vary on the print size and type of materials, but typically run from $12 (magnets) to $450 (42×48). Thayne’s photography will be up and on sale through the holidays, so be sure to check it out.

gallery at land's end

An exciting event to look forward to at the shop will be the Saturday “Meet the Artist” series. Booths will be lined up outside the Gallery, where various artists will be selling items that visitors wouldn’t normally find in the shop. It will be a great way to explore an entire different variety of locally-crafted artisan goodies, and there will be a new set of vendors each Saturday.

To check out the Gallery at Land’s End or attend an upcoming event, stop by 4984 Cass Street in north Pacific Beach (Tuesdays through Saturdays from 9:30am to 5pm) or visit their website.

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