Full List of Bench Locations

The following benches are available to “adopt”. The locations of these benches include, address, and business landmark near the bench. Please contact James Niebling at james@estebaninteriors.com if you are interested in adopting a bench.

955 Prospect, Mangelsen’s Gallery
ll50 Prospect, Starbucks
ll52 Prospect, Pomegranate
1025 Prospect, Bardot’s
1143 Prospect
7835 Girard, Girard Gourmet
7851 Girard, The Gap
7863 Girard, Panera
7931 Girard, Kate Spade
7807 Girard, Union Bank
7710 Fay, Fitwall
7712 Fay, Fitwall
7720 Fay, Fitwall
7703 Fay, Timeless Treasures
7717 Fay, Martha Linens
7719 Fay, Needlenook

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