Friday’s Burrito Review: Ranchos Natural Food

Today’s burrito review comes courtesy of my vehicle’s blown radiator hose. After what had been a seriously frustrating morning, spent waiting for a tow truck to get me in Mission Bay, I got lunch in nearby Ocean Beach. I’d heard about Ranchos Natural Foods from a few people, but hadn’t been there yet to try it out for myself.

It’s a spacious restaurant on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, really close to the vibrant hub of Newport Avenue and only a two minute walk to the pier. At twelve o’ clock it was already busy, with a good crowd sitting in the shaded area outside. One of the unique things about Ranchos is the variety of vegetarian options, something I appreciated but also feel skeptical about. A lot of the time the vegetarian meals offered substandard, dull and unfilling.


I opted for the lentil, avocado and cheese burrito on a whole-wheat tortilla, and this is how it went:

The Good

  • The tortilla – it was healthy, textured and delicious
  • The serving – I was so impressed by the serving size. Hanging out by yourself next to a busted car is hungry work. It was big enough to fill me up completely, but not too big to ruin my walk to the pier.
  • The filling – lentils, avo and cheese won’t sound like a party to everyone, but the mix of herbs, salsa and lime gave it something extraordinary.
  • The Menu – it’s like War and Peace compared to most Mexican Restaurants. The options range from vegetarian chicken, to tofu, soy and a long list of traditional options.
  • The prices – it’s very reasonable.
  • It’s in Ocean Beach

The Bad

  • Like most popular places around San Diego, parking isn’t always readily available. You need to keep your eyes peeled and be ready to cut someone off at a moment’s notice.

Sometimes bad things happen for good reasons, and today my visit to Ranchos was the silver lining.

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