Friday Burrito Review: Verdes Ranchero

This Friday’s ‘Burrito Review’ took the La Jolla Blue Book team to Verdes El Ranchero, a cute, family-owned restaurant on La Jolla Boulevard. Word around the water cooler is that ‘Verdes’ makes a serious burrito, possibly the best in La Jolla. And claims like this demand an investigation.


We headed there for an early lunch, before the usual crowds arrived. Our team ordered chicken and veggie burritos, along with a plate of nachos to add some variation. It’s a pity we were there during business hours – I was hoping to wash my food down with a couple of their famous cocktails, which were also highly recommended. Next time.


The Good:

The service – admittedly, it wasn’t busy, but we never waited for anything. Chips, drinks, food and check all arrived without us asking.
The salsa – even the standard stuff they bring out with complimentary chips was spicy and delicious.
The beans – great consistency, flavor and serving size. I’m a bit like a dog sometimes; I’ll eat and eat and eat until my plate is clean. At Verdes I managed to walk away full, but not comatose. It tasted like homemade food, too, which is a quality I can’t necessarily explain but always look for in food – if that makes any sense.
The chicken – “This is the most tender chicken I’ve ever eaten” – direct quote from Tu, on his burrito.
The nachos – it was a magnificent plate of nachos.
The prices – very affordable by all standards.
The atmosphere – it was clean, warm and well-decorated.

The Bad

• I try to be constructively critical in these reviews, but, honestly, nothing comes to mind when I try to think of any negatives during our visit to Verdes Ranchero.

As I said earlier, next time I’ll go there on my own time and sample a few different items on the menu. And purely based on my first visit to this La Jolla restaurant, there will definitely be a next time.

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