Friday Burrito Review: Porkyland

Today’s ‘Friday Burrito Review’ took our team of tortilla connoisseurs to Porkyland, over on 1030 Torrey Pines Road. It’s an unpretentious place with a cool name and a few big awards darning the walls of their establishment: their laurels include ‘Best Burrito’, ‘Best Mexican Food’ and ‘Best Chicken Quesadilla’, among others, for the last five years. Seeing this impressive list of prizes while waiting in line only raised my expectations for the lunch program and had me hoping for a flavor bonanza I’d be doing cartwheels about all weekend.


Three of us ordered burritos, while our fourth member opted for the nachos – in the name of diversity. Our selection included one bean and cheese, one veggie and a fish burrito. Here’s what went down:

The Good
• The tortillas were superb. Honestly, the stuff of legends.
• All three burritos were filled with hearty contents in generous amounts. Jen made one very astute observation during out post-game breakdown of lunch, stating that beans and rice are the very building blocks of decent Mexican food. If a restaurant can’t master the basics, everything else is meaningless. Porkyland have certainly got both down.
• Portion sizes – the only reason I didn’t do cartwheels was because I wanted to take a nap. The meal was sizable and tasty, but not like post-Christmas-lunch filling. Just the right amount.

The Bad
• Those little salsa dishes. While the salsa on offer was really good, there’s not much you can do with a shot-glass-sized serving.

All in all, it was a lunch worth writing about.
Join us again next week for another Friday Burrito Review, where the La Jolla Blue Book staff eats for your benefit. If you’d like to be featured in the Burrito Review, contact us.

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