Four Fun Outside Activities To Do This Spring

Spring has officially sprung! It’s time to put those coats away and go soak up some sun. We’ve picked out four of our favorite activities to do in La Jolla and San Diego during these beautiful spring days. 

Go  Kayaking

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Kayaking is a popular activity in San Diego, and it’s no wonder, with so many beaches and bays offering ideal conditions for gliding along in the water. If you’re visiting San Diego and want to try kayaking for the first time, you’ll find plenty of kayaking rentals and lessons available throughout San Diego. If you’re visiting La Jolla, you can launch a kayak from La Jolla Shores Beach, explore the seven La Jolla caves, paddle next to sea lions at La Jolla Cove, and swim above leopard sharks off the coast. Pay a visit to our friends at La Jolla Kayak, and tell them The Blue Book sent you! 
Take a Bike Ride 
Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.47.48 AM The mild climate, beautiful landscape and 70 miles of coastline make San Diego the ideal place to bike for leisure and exercise. San Diego boasts more than 64 miles of dedicated bike paths, 334 bike lanes and 133 miles of bike routes. Hop on, and enjoy these beautiful spring days! If you’re eager to start biking, but don’t have a proper bike yet, California Bicycle in La Jolla is the perfect place to get a bike.
Check Out The Tide Pools

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Tide Pools are a must-see when visiting San Diego. Anyone can visit the tide pools. They’re free, fun and a terrific way to learn about the marine life that inhabits the oceans and the rocky reefs. On any given day, you may stumble upon octopus, tube snails, hermit crabs, water slugs, sea hares, sea cucumbers, sea anemone and many types of odd looking vegetation. This is a free and fun activity for the whole family! 

Have a Picnic
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After a long day of fun in the sun, you might want to relax with friends and family and have a picnic. From a beautiful shady spots with a lot of trees, to laying out a spread right on the sand, you really can’t go wrong. San Diego has so many good spots for picnics that we can’t mention them all, but you can’t go wrong with any of the following locations for a picnic.
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