La Jolla Hotels Allow Visitors to Explore Local Favorites

La Jolla is known as “The Jewel” of San Diego.  Located within 15 minutes of the downtown San Diego district, the shoreline community presents a convenient way to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  The town’s quirky personality is reflected in its beaches, shops and restaurants.  When staying at one of the La Jolla Hotels, vacationers are in close proximity to explore and discover a variety of areas that are unique to the neighborhood.

Over the years, a few shoreline sites have emerged as favorites among the community allowing visitors to experience the local lifestyle firsthand.  La Jolla Shores, a popular destination among San Diego surfers, is also perfect for vacationers.  With warm waters and gentle tides, families can participate in surf lessons, swim or boogie board.  The sandy shores also make it a great spot to relax and sunbathe.  The La Jolla Cove is another local spot that has evolved into a tourist favorite.  Snorkeling and scuba diving are popular water sports in the area as the cove’s sheltered waters create the perfect environment to observe fish and other marine life.  A section of the cove also includes a grass park with paved walkways and picnic tables that provide a panoramic view of the water.

Shopping in La Jolla offers an experience unparalleled to others in the San Diego area.  The downtown district of La Jolla is lined with fashion boutiques, consignment stores, antique shops, home décor and furniture stores.  There are also a variety of specialty stores that offer hand crafted items using materials found locally.  These shops add to the personality of the city and allow for visitors to purchase one-of-a-kind items to commemorate their trips.

Staying in La Jolla also places visitors in the ideal location to dine at restaurants popular among the community.  From local family owned La Jolla pizza parlors to upscale restaurants that highlight the seafood of the region, visitors can enjoy local favorites and flavors.  Restaurants including George’s at the Cove, Roppongi and Tapenade are examples of local dining destinations that have captured the attention of visitors.

Hotels in La Jolla provide visitors with the ability to explore the unique city from top to bottom.  From local surf spots to favorite mouth-watering restaurants, visitors can appreciate why La Jolla residents and local San Diegans adore the area.

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