Expert Interview Series: Symphony Home Decor Designs Hand-made Couture

Describe your business and what types of accessories you offer.

Symphony Home Decor & Design creates beautiful, high quality drapery, bedding and pillows. The storefront located on 7447 Girard Ave opened in January of this year by owner Symphony Moussighi. Although the shop is new, Symphony’s business has been growing strong since its intial online presence to the creation of its quaint storefront. Here, customers can touch and feel textiles as well as see the home accessories on display in the showroom styled store in the La Jolla Village.


Custom services, as well as limited edition products, are available. Often, designers will approach Symphony for help in creating a fashionable home design for a client. Individual customers, who walk into the beautifully furnished store, can also request custom designs or browse its fabrics and accessories on display.

What can customers expect from your services? What expertise do you offer?


Customers can expect all of the soft furnishings to be hand-made and styled couture. Parts of fabrics are hand-stitched by seamstress artisans who are experts from various design fields. Most of these artists are contracted by the business to work with the best quality fabrics and couture finishings Symphony can find. They create uniquely hand-crafted products that cannot be found in department stores. Symphony’s sales specialist told me “our products are made to last, and to treasure for a lifetime.”

What makes your business unique?

Symphony Home Decor stays away from mass production and instead supports the local economy by hiring talented San Diego artists. With two workrooms, one located in San Diego and the other in the back of the La Jolla storefront, hired artisans make everything. Symphony explained that “with business globalization, having products USA made from American citizens has become a unique standard.”


Are there any special offers or events coming up for your store?

Starting in mid-November until Christmas, all of the limited edition pillows will be from 15 – 30 percent off. Limited edition items are specially designed by the owner Symphony. There are decorative pillows throughout the store, displaying options from silks to modern designs, sure to help freshen up any interior.

Describe the essence of your business in 5 words:
Luxurious comfort with unparalleled originality.

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