Expert Interview Series: La Jolla Real Estate Agent Barbara Leinenweber


How long have you been associated with real estate in La Jolla?

Barbara Leinenweber has been working with La Jolla real estate for the past decade, personally buying and selling homes since 1983. She works at Coldwell Banker brokerage, a business she says is team oriented and “helps promote tools and global reach to sell properties in La Jolla.” Barbara is well-equipped with a marketing degree from SDSU, countless connections from living in the La Jolla area and maintaining an active membership with REBA.

How has real estate changed?

“It’s changed a lot,” Leinenweber said. Having started work when the economy was strong and having worked through the crash in ’08, Leinenweber says that finally the real estate industry is “coming back stronger than ever.” It was a buyer’s market before, when prices were low, but now it’s a sellers market; prices are up, homes sell quickly and there is a need for more inventory.

Do you have any tips for sellers? What upgrades are worth the money?

Leinenweber has practical advice for those wishing to sell their homes for the best value possible: fix up the front of the house for basic curb appeal. She said something as simple as flowers, to brighten a home’s facade, does wonders. First impressions color the rest of the buyer’s experience.

Leinenweber also recommends removing the clutter from homes when attempting to sell. She said that clutter confuses people. To make a home look fresh and inviting, Leinenweber often uses a staging service for her clients.

What are buyers looking for?

“Everyone is looking for a home with good bones” Leinenweber said. A home with good structure and stability that is located in a quiet neighborhood is a winner. Also more buyers are looking for single-level homes. And if your home has a view, even better! Homes with a view are in high demand. They sell right away, as is and for a good price.

What expertise do you offer?

Although Leinenweber’s position requires her to sell real estate all over San Diego, she believes that she is an expert in the La Jolla Palisades neighborhood which is on the south side of Mt. Soledad. “I believe in it” Leinenweber said. Not only is she familiar with the area because she lives there, but she says that this part of the mountain receives more sun than the Shores. She enjoys the sparkling view of the ocean that does not get trapped in the marine layer and at night there is always a clear view of the SeaWorld fireworks and city lights to enjoy.

Contact Barbara Leinenweber by visiting her La Jolla Blue Book listing.

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