Enjoying the New Year in La Jolla

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It’s a new year, the weather is perfect, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and get a little outdoor action. There may be no better place to enjoy outdoor activities than the Greater San Diego area. A mild climate reminiscent of the Mediterranean along with lovely beaches, beautiful bays, scenic lagoons, and breathtaking canyons makes it the place for spring fun. La Jolla is located along the central coastline and is ideal if you to access the area’s possible activities. You can enjoy San Diego in new ways whether you’re a lifelong resident or a visitor. One of the great things about the area is you can enjoy yourself on land, air or sea!

Want to keep your feet on the ground? There are a great many ways to enjoy the outdoors in La Jolla. How about a trail? You can find walking trails, jogging trails, hiking trails and running trails through La Jolla and all through San Diego. Walk from the beaches and bays to the canyons and parks. If you take some of the canyon trails, you’ll be amazed. You’ll travel past waterfalls and streams and you’ll forget you’re in the city! Of course, there are tours as well! You can find guided walking tours for bird watching and nature loves as well as urban safaris and food and drink tours. You can get a guided tour in Balboa Park or you can learn a lot about San Diego’s history with a guided tour of Old Town. Let’s not forget the volleyball and basketball courts on the beaches as well as the golf courses. Like to cycle? You’ll find plenty of bike trails, too.

Want to get a bit higher? Do you love to fly? Well, there are a lot of opportunities for that as well. You can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the area with a trip on a hot air balloon. Can you imagine flying over the coastline and watching the waves lap at the beach? Want to be even more adventurous? You can go hang gliding. Fly your own glider or paraglider or fly with an experienced piolet. Go to the Torrey Pines Gliserport and get ready for an adventure. You could choose special tours and watch the sunset from up in the air, high above the sea! You can enjoy fun in the air in the San Diego Area, and there’s no doubt it will take your breath away.

Of course, you can’t really enjoy the outdoors in San Diego without thinking about the water. There are fifteen major beaches along the San Diego Coastline. From Torrey Pines in the north all the way down to Ocean Beach in the south, you’ll find great opportunities to enjoy a picnic, surfing, bodyboarding, snorkeling and more. Some are kid friendly and some are pet friendly. You’ll also find many more beaches and parks surrounding Mission Bay. Swim, explore tide pools, surf, scuba dive, snorkel, sail, row, kayak, motorboat or… the possibilities are endless! Lessons for just about everything are available as well. Of course, you could also go on a fishing trip or a mini tour around the area. There’s no lack of water in San Diego and no lack of ways to enjoy it.

Air, ground, or sea… The choice is yours. It’s all available in La Jolla and the Greater San Diego Area in the spring. Get outside and enjoy yourself!

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