Embracing Chinese New Year Superstitions in La Jolla

chineseCountries all around the world will celebrate the Lunar New Year on January 31, including China, Vietnam and Japan. Lunar New Year or also known as Chinese New Year is based on a lunisolar calendar. Chinese New Year begins on a different date every year which is different from the Western calendar. Traditionally, Chinese New Year celebrations run over two weeks with a focus on family, food and cultural traditions.

2014 is the year of the horse! People born during a horse year are said to be honest, supportive and have quick wit. Aside from colorful celebrations and customs, Chinese New Year is also associated with myths and traditions. Here are nine Chinese New Year superstitions and ways you can embrace these myths in La Jolla:

1. Clean Your House Before the New Year
Sweeping, dusting and tidying up your home should be done before New Year’s Day. The Chinese believe that cleaning your home removes any bad luck. If you don’t have any time to clean, make it easy on yourself and have one of the top local housecleaning services in La Jolla come to you.

2. Balance Your Check Book
Do you have any “IOU’s” or outstanding debts? All debts should be paid by the New Year. If you’re in need of some financial help, especially given that tax season is almost here, be sure to reach out to a local CPA professional or tax attorney who can help get your finances in order.

3. Lady in Red
According to Chinese traditions, wearing red clothing will bring you luck and happiness. Try to avoid wearing black and dark clothes because those colors are worn at funerals. From couture to casual outfits, La Jolla is home to some of the trendiest boutiques in Southern California. If you’re looking for high-end clothing, stop in at Laura Gambucci. She features designer fashion and accessories. For a modern look, Ralph Lauren offers timeless and modern clothing for men, women and children.

4. Sweet Sensations
Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in something sugary and delicious. The Chinese believe that eating candy will deliver a sweeter year. Pop inside the local drugstore Burns Drugs and pick up an assortment of goodies for you to enjoy. Take a short drive to Pacific Beach where Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop has some sweet surprises you can’t find anywhere else. The unique candy shop offers aisles of candy, salt water taffy, nostalgic candy, gag gifts, hundreds of bottled sodas and more.

5. New Year, New Hairdo
Whether you want to try a bold haircut or add rich highlights, the New Year is a perfect time to experiment with something new. Many Chinese hold a superstitious belief that getting a haircut before the New Year will bring good luck. Try a new hairstyle at the White Orchid Salon or experience pampering at its finest at Talisa Beauty and Boutique.

6. Buy New Cookware
Toss out all your cracked plates and cups and replace them with new ones before the New Year. Give your dinnerware a makeover and stock up on new kitchen items at Meanley and Son Ace Hardware. Once you’ve shopped for the essentials and you are preparing a Chinese inspired dinner, be careful! Breaking dishes in the New Year will bring bad luck.

7. Replace Dead Houseplants with New Plants
Liven up your home with new greenery and fresh flowers. Chinese traditionalists consider it bad luck to have dead plants carry over into the New Year. Adelaide’s Florist and Decorators offers a wide assortment of flowers and plants that will bring good luck. Place fresh flowers from Bloomers throughout the house. This symbolizes rebirth and new growth.

8. Listen for Songbirds
Explore 2000 acres of land and beautiful beaches at Torrey Pines State Reserve. Visit the lagoon where migrating birds will make La Jolla their home for the winter season. As you venture out into nature, listen for songbirds and look for red-colored birds or swallows because seeing or hearing one of those birds will bring you good luck. Make sure you capture those moments with a picture! Share it with us on Facebook and use #LaJollaBB!

9. Exchange Old Bills for New Crisp Bills
Pull out your wallet and if you see any old or wrinkled bills, it’s time to trade them in for new ones. It’s considered good luck to have new, crisp bills to ring in the New Year. Exchange your old bills for new ones at a local bank. If you’re looking to bank locally, Silvergate Bank La Jolla branch offers customizable financial programs for each of their customers.

How are you planning on celebrating Chinese New Year this year? Share with us your special traditions in the comments below. Look out for an upcoming blog with Chinese New Year events around La Jolla and San Diego!

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