Impactful Changes Taking Place At La Jolla High

With the new school year quickly approaching at La Jolla High, many are questioning the direction that the school is heading towards. The start of high school is an exciting time for many students who look forward to meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, and going to football games. However, this year students will notice new changes throughout the school administration. With the campus emerging from a financial scandal that occurred in the last fiscal year, La Jolla High is getting prepared for tighter guidelines and new faces on campus.

Over the summer, Principal Dana Shelburne was reassigned to a different position within the school district. Not yet having hired a new principal for La Jolla, the district has assigned interim principal Pat Crowder. As former Patrick Henry High principal, Dr. Crowder should be well equipped to adjust to La Jolla’s high level standards. Other changes include Walter Fairley Jr. returning as an interim vice principal after retiring in the 2012-2013 school year. Changes in the counseling department are drastic as well. After almost the entire counseling staff was laid off, Conrado Castro is the only remaining counselor from last year. Kristen Salehi, Gayle Shinn, and head counselor Cathy Hutchins have all been hired to help give the counseling department a fresh new look.

Many students and parents are concerned if the new school administration will be able to accommodate the high demand of help the students require. Fortunately, with years of first hand experience, the new school faculty should be able to make LJHS a brighter and better place this year. Only time will tell if the overall student body is successful with these new adjustments. Let us know what your thoughts on our local community high school changing so rapidly.

Photos: LJHS68 & Ventana Homes.

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