Dr. Charles Briscoe: Dentistry From The Heart

dentistry from the heart

This past November 14, Dr. Charles Briscoe and his staff at La Jolla Dental hosted a Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH) event, which provides free dental services to the community.

Dentistry From The Heart (DFTH), a non- profit organization, is the largest dental charity in North America dedicated to spreading free smiles across the globe. Dr. Charles Briscoe and his team of volunteers included La Jolla Oral Surgeon, Dr. Robert Gramins, Dr. Sue Gao, Dr. Brent Gorrel, Dr. John Vellequette, and four hygienists.

dr. charles briscoeThe team of volunteers helped a total of fifty-eight people and consisted of extractions, fillings, and cleanings for those with limited availability to dental services in the community. The most popular treatment was teeth cleaning by the four volunteer hygienists.

The event was truly appreciated by the community, and was heartwarming and gratifying for those providing the services.

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“The patients were well-served by our group of twelve volunteers and the nine of us at La Jolla Dental Care. Most patients were apprehensive, but we talked them through the procedures and kept them comfortable with numbness as needed,” Dr. Briscoe told us. “There is a whole lot more to putting on an event like this than one might think. Our dental reps contributed dental supplies, while Starbucks contributed morning coffee and Chipotle provided us lunch” Dr. Briscoe explained. “We all had a great time and felt blessed to be able to provide the services we love to perform for a group of very appreciable folks.”

Another great community event that concluded this month at Dr. Charles Briscoe’s office was the popular Halloween Candy Buy Back. The community at large and several participating schools donated more than 508 pounds of candy!

The candy will go to active duty troops overseas via Operation Gratitude.

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  1. What wonderful work! Know of a very needy female who needs dental help-she is virtually destitute. When and where would the clinic be available in san Diego this year or next. She would be so appreciative.

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