Tips for Do-It-Yourself House Painters in La Jolla

If you are looking to give your La Jolla home a facelift, a popular do-it-yourself project is interior painting.  When choosing to forgo the help from professional house painters in La Jolla, it is important to have a clear plan of action before you begin tackling a paint job.  The key to successful interior painting is preparation.  Whether you are looking to paint one room, or multiple rooms in your home, there are a few things you can do before you begin painting to ensure the process goes accordingly.

First, begin by prepping the room you plan to paint.  Remove any light switch plates, outlet covers and door knobs from the room. Also, try to remove furniture from the room or at least push larger pieces that are difficult to move to the center of the room.  Finally, cover the floor and any remaining furniture with plastic.  Blue painters tape can be used to keep the coverings in place.  By removing and covering as much of the room as possible, the less you will have to clean after.

Next, prepare the walls.  It is important to smooth uneven surfaces and patch up any holes or cracks before beginning to paint.  Paint adheres better to clean walls, so it is recommended that prior to painting, you wash the walls with mild soap and water.  In addition, use a stain blocking primer for troublesome spots to ensure the paint will coat the walls evenly and smoothly.

Lastly, invest in quality rollers and brushes.  Some inexpensive alternatives leave streaks and fuzz on the walls as you paint if you aren’t extremely careful. The investment in your painting tools can help prevent you from going back and repainting over uneven areas, saving you precious time.  Also have rags readily available in case you need to wipe up drips, as well as razors to help scrape paint from glass and tiles.

If you are thinking about selling your La Jolla home, painting is an easy way to add value when executed correctly.  Prospective sellers should also keep in mind that buyers in the La Jolla real estate market want to add their own personal touches to the home.  Therefore, the paint you choose should be a neutral shade, a color that appeals to a broad audience.

If you think you may require assistance beyond the above painting tips, consider hiring professional La Jolla house painters.  Browse our directory to find local painters to enhance the appearance of your home.

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