DIY Oscar Party Ideas

The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, March 2, and everyone knows the evening is all about the glitz and the glam! You can still catch an Oscar nominated film in La Jolla this weekend too. Hosting an Oscar party? Add your own unique, homemade touch to the evening with these fun DIY Oscar party ideas:

DIY Oscar Party Ideas
All you need is an Oscar ballot (just Google and find one to print online), an Oscar statue printable, large envelopes, glitter, glue, a paint brush, and scissors. Cut out an Oscar statue and apply an even coat of glue to one side. Douse him in glitter, shake off the excess and let dry. Once dry, apply a coat of glue to the non-glittery side and adhere him to your bag or envelope. Let dry again. All that’s left to do is cut out your ballot (I cut mine out, punched a hole in the top and tied the pages together with embroidery floss), stick it inside and seal (I simply folded over the top of the bag)! Have your guests fill out their ballots when they arrive and enjoy seeing who knows their movies best!

DIY Oscar Party Ideas
The ultimate movie night isn’t complete without some movie snacks! Roll doilies or gold foil in a cone shape and tape or glue the sides together. Also, set up a candy bar with your guests’ favorite treats. Pour in the snacks, turn on the TV and get ready for your close up!

DIY Oscar Party Ideas
These are a perfect and cute way to use those old film strips you may have lying around. All you need is a fake candle and some film negatives. Simply cut the film to make a circle around the candle, wrap, and tape! If you want extra strength you can tie it together through the holes; it’s just bright enough that if you look closely you can see the tiny pictures from the film.

DIY Oscar Party Ideas
One of the cutest and most original ideas for the big night. All you need is a few male Barbie dolls (the lighter weight the better) and some good quality gold spray paint. When he’s dry, hot glue him to a stand that’s been painted gold as well. If you want to use him as a floral centerpiece, pick up a ball of floral oasis and stick in flowers that match your color scheme.

What is your favorite part of the Oscars? The red carpet? speeches? Let us know in the comments below!

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