Discovery Health Services: B12 and a New Approach Towards Healthcare

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About Discovery Health

Private home care is a vital and important part of the healthcare system, something that Jeffrey Sternberg, CEO of Discovery Health Services, understands all too well. DHS, which includes side business Home Care of La Jolla, was created about 8 years ago when Jeffrey and his coworkers branched off from the larger healthcare corporation they were working for. They began brainstorming ideas for a modern, updated home healthcare system that would appeal to the younger generations – their direct clients and oftentimes the children of elderly patients in need of home assistance. They soon had a thriving business on their hands and were providing unparalleled home care through private caregivers and registered care managers.

Now, they have a new venture: selling and distributing B12 shots. Jeff’s unique approach to B12 involves using a private compounding facility to create a distinctly organic version of the vitamin.

What Are B12 Injections?

Discovery Health Services The Blue Book got the chance to sit down with Jeff and learn more about his new endeavor. As a veteran in the healthcare business, Jeff is beginning to realize that most people aren’t as inclined towards vaccines anymore; with the organic and gluten-free craze reaching its peak, the average American simply wants to eat well, exercise, and maintain their health naturally – and that’s where B12 comes in. B12 is a blood-born vitamin that the human body cannot obtain naturally very easily; taking it sublingually as a pill isn’t very effective, so most health professionals recommend B12 injections.

Monthly shots have proven to ease sleep difficulties, improve brain function, boost metabolic function, improve mental dysfunction in the elderly, protect against neurological disease and aging, treat symptoms of depression, and assist with weight loss and boost overall energy. B12 is also uniquely metabolic – it travels to all cells throughout the body and moves directly into the body’s bloodlines.

Why Are Discovery Health’s B12 Shots Unique?

Discovery Health Services What sets Discovery Health apart from most distributors is that they use a sterile compounding facility to develop their own B12 shots. The version they create is from the blood-derived organic source and is essentially the most natural variation of B12 out there. The vitamin’s ability to provide relief from depression and potential to replace pharmaceutical drug therapy was what initially motivated Jeff to try it out; he realized that most of his elderly clients were on anywhere from 11-20 different pills per day.

He wanted to find a way to cut most of those out while still maintaining his clients’ quality of life – as a firm believer in sunshine, interaction, and most importantly, staying active, he felt it was helpful and even necessary to wean them off most of their medications . B12 provides a natural and easy way to accomplish that, and DHS’s ability to develop it organically is a unique plus. Distributing B12 shots falls perfectly in line with Jeffrey’s and Discovery Health’s business philosophy: that the unprocessed, non chemical path towards healing is more effective and healthier than the pharmaceutical companies’ prescription alternatives.

Jeff’s desire to help people is apparent, and Discovery Health Service’s approach to healthcare has proven to be lucrative thus far. They also provide flu shots and other medical care services in-house. They are located at 5632 La Jolla Boulevard in the heart of Bird Rock; B12 injections are available to the public as well as to existing home health care clients. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit

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