Direct Tech: Not Your Average IT Company

Shayne Gilder has been in the computer business for a long time. As a two-time small business owner and product developer, he knows what it takes to stay afloat in a market that’s constantly shifting, expanding, and changing to fit client needs and current technology trends.

How did Direct Tech Get Started?

In 2001, Shayne sold his first business; the tech bubble had burst and computer companies were in a period of transition. Part of what he was selling is essentially today’s Cloud/backup services, but nobody was in the market for it yet and the concept hadn’t hit its stride – like so many, he was trying to sell a product ahead of its time. He then decided to branch out on his own and begin a new company that would be versatile and unique: a full-service IT business, including computer repair, cloud computing, data backup and recovery, and managing clients’ current services, an element of which is complete security coverage for your machine.

What Exactly Does Direct Tech Do?

Direct Tech serves two groups of clients: small to medium sized businesses and residential homes or apartments. Essentially, for one fixed fee per month, the client gets all of the services outlined within the contract. The only additional fees are for something like a new hard drive if yours were to crash or a different part had to be purchased. Shayne and his team will patch security updates, monitor your computer for errors remotely and automatically repair them, and proactively back up everything on your computer. So if your computer crashes, they’ll go out and buy a new drive, install it, restore everything back to the computer, and send it on its way – all for that one set fee you already paid, besides the cost of the hard drive. Sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

direct tech

What if you have a problem that isn’t covered or outlined explicitly on your contract? No problem. Shayne and his techs will still fix the issue and charge you much lower price than what’s listed simply because you’re already doing business with them. They will also monitor and manage all of your other IT service vendors – copy machines, fax machines, alarm systems, etc. Essentially, they’ll cover anything in your house that requires a computer or some kind of technology. Direct Tech has a guaranteed 60-minute response time during the week and a 2-hour response time on the weekends so you’ll never be kept waiting too long for your service.

Intelligent Advertising

direct tech

One of their newest markets involves digital signage, which uses technology like LCD, LED and projection to display digital images or videos. This is especially useful in businesses with advertising (food menus, adaptable and customizable ads, etc) and is a great way to organize a bunch of information that you want people to see easily in a public space. And the virtual mind is becoming increasingly intelligent; some interactive signs contain cameras that decipher face patterns
and body language to figure out what type of response to send you based on what it concludes is the best fit.


Head over to to see more of what Shayne and his company is all about and to get price quotes for your home or small business.


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