What to Look for at This Year’s Del Mar Gourmet Food Truck Festival

Nothing catches a foodie’s fancy quite like a festival that’s all about… well, food. The 4th annual Food Truck Fest at the Del Mar Racetrack rolls in Saturday, August 16th and it’s sure to be six hours of pure, unadulterated dining bliss – but with nearly 50 different trucks on the roster this year, things might get a little overwhelming for those of us who have an innate desire to try absolutely everything. To make life a little easier on my fellow foodies this coming Saturday, I’ve picked out my top 3 pieces of portable gourmet heaven at this year’s Del Mar Food Truck Festival.

1. The Grilled Cheese Truck

What started out as a Los Angeles-based weekend hobby quickly escalated into a full-on production that has since won a gamut of awards throughout Southern California. As someone who’s harbored a deep love for the cheesy sandwiches deep into my adult years, I have to admit that this place has some of the best concoctions I’ve ever tried.

del mar gourmet food truck festival

  • The Menu: Their selection of cheese includes the typical American and 7 delightful other options: gruyere, double cream brie, habanero jack, aged white cheddar, bleu cheese crumbles, and herbed goat cheese. They’ve got a list of add-ons divided into sweet and savory; things like BBQ smoked pork, chicken bratwurst, sliced apples, and sweet Sriracha chicken grace the former while toasted marshmallows, Oreo cookie pieces, cheesecake filling, and Nutella are among the many sweet choices. You can even choose your crust (parmesan, fresh jalapeño, or parmesan and bacon) and get a cup of classic tomato soup on the side to go with it. This place is basically “put all your favorite stuff on one sandwich” heaven.
  • What to Get: The Cheesy Mac and Rib – their claim to fame. Macaroni ‘n’ cheese with sharp cheddar, BBQ pork, and caramelized onions. My taste buds are getting happy just thinking about it!

2. Stuffed!

True to its name, this place focuses purely on what’s inside your food – 100% organic, grass-fed beef is cooked to a juicy medium and packed with all kinds of goodies ranging from pepper jack cheese to bacon and mac ‘n’ cheese.

del mar gourmet food truck festival

  • The Menu: They offer 5 different burgers that already have a listing of what’s stuffed inside, all aptly and creatively named – the Pow!, Wham!, Slam!, Boom!, and Bang! They serve traditional mac ‘n’ cheese with an added choice of spicy sauce as well as tater tots, which we’ve heard are pretty delicious. Last but not least, their one and only featured dessert is nothing other than a selection of Fried Oreos. San Diego County Fair, anyone?
  • What to Get: We can’t say no to the Boom! A burger cooked to perfection and packed with Mac ‘n’ Cheese, American Cheese, peppered smoked bacon, and topped with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and their signature Stuffed! sauce. Add to it a side of golden fried tater tots and you’ve got a solid meal on your hands.

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3. Pierogi Truck

Who doesn’t love pierogis? Dough baked in butter with onions and stuffed with potato filling, sauerkraut, and cheese. They’re essentially mini heart attacks, but they’re very easy to mess up – take it from someone with experience. The art of the authentic pierogi takes practice with boiling, frying, and perfecting a balance of butter and onion, and this place has definitely done its homework.

del mar gourmet food truck festival

  • The Menu: Along with the traditional pierogis, they make Hungarian Pancakes (Polish style pancakes stuffed with goodies), stuffed cabbage, grilled Polish sausages, Sillesian Dumplings with pork goulash, Bigos (apparently something also known as Hunter’s Stew, which is a traditional meat stew with cabbage and sauerkraut), stuffed Hoagies, and Vegan Goulash.
  • What to Get: If you came here wanting pierogis, do it! Don’t shy away just because they have a huge menu. You have a choice of meat, potato, or spinach or some other vegetable and they’re served with a dollop of fresh sour cream and topped with salt pork and caramelized onions. If you do want to try a little bit of everything, go for the Polish Plate, which includes kielbasa on a roll, pierogis (you have a choice of meat, potato, or a couple of different veggie options), and a cabbage roll along with dipping sauce.

There will also be an array of craft beers on tap for brewski lovers. The festival takes place at the Seaside Concert Area at the Del Mar Racetrack on Saturday August 16th from 12pm to 6pm, with gourmet items ranging from about $4 to $8.

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