The New Wave in Day Spas in La Jolla

Imagine getting your relaxing spa treatments without leaving the comforts of home, with a professional spa service provider who comes to you. The new wave in La Jolla day spas is a mobile service provider who will come to your home and perform treatments. Clients throughout La Jolla and San Diego receive customized skin and body sessions that include massages, scrubs, facials and body wraps.  With a small group of friends on the weekend or an intimate setting for a couple, this first class service is a luxury that everyone can enjoy.

La Jolla beauty and wellness services offered by mobile spas include skin care, massages, body treatments and private yoga lessons. They provide everything you need to enjoy the session and experience deep relaxation in a familiar environment. Whether you are working hard at the home office, need a break from the family or are returning home from a busy day, let the spa come to you.

Each client is an individual, which is why all treatments are customized to meet their skin care needs. La Jolla skin caretreatments are designed to address the client’s skin type and condition through effective ingredients and treatment methods. Once the client’s skin has been analyzed, the certified esthetician will cleanse, exfoliate and remove impurities. The facial skin is then massaged and conditioned with a mask. Whether you choose an aromatherapy facial, deep pore cleansing or acne facial, you skin will feel nourished, hydrated and toned.

A thorough massage is the ultimate method of relaxation. Dim the lights, release the aromatherapy and light the candles to set the mood for a peaceful experience. There are several options for massage therapy including hot stone massages, cranial massages and deep tissue massages. Pregnancy massages are also offered to help relieve the muscle tension brought on by pregnancy. Massages are important to help improve circulation and stimulate the nervous system. They help to relieve stress and ease fatigue while releasing muscle tension.

For those who are looking for a good yoga work out with personal attention and a customized class, private yoga lessons in your own home are ideal. Avoid sitting in traffic and finding parking at the gym in a crowded class or yoga studio and schedule a convenient time for your own private session. The instructor will design the session to accommodate your individual abilities, while pushing you to improve and enhance your skills.

Day spas in La Jolla have evolved into a luxury mobile spa offering first class customer service wherever you wish. Experience the convenience of a spa that comes to you and enjoy the relaxing and rejuvenating services provided by top industry professionals.

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