Day 4 of Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Day 4
Day 4 of Great Holiday Gift Ideas has arrived. Today’s gift is perfect for anyone who enjoys having a nice chill glass of wine, a cold soda, or needing to heat up a baby’s bottle.

For day 4, the Great Holiday Gift Idea is: The Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller!

The Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller can chill cans in 1 minute and wine bottles in 6 minutes. Automatic touch-pad features preset times, extra-chill setting, and add-ice indicator light. You can even remove the lid for long wine bottles.

All that’s required is a tray or two of ice cubes, some water, the beverage containers, and a push of a button. A can of pop or beer chills from room temperature to 43 degree F in just one minute!
day 4 2

How it Works?

Beverage containers rotate horizontally while being bathed by a jet of ice water, a process that is 40 times faster than chilling beverages in a freezer, and carbonated drinks won’t explode or fizz upon opening. To warm drinks, such as a bottle of baby formula, simply add hot water instead of ice.

You can order it and have it delivered by Christmas through Amazon, or you can purchase one at Bloomingdale’s.

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