Danyelle Wolf: PB Resident the ‘Face of Women’s Boxing’

Danyelle Wolf, number one. Photo Credit: Michael Campbell

Danyelle Wolf, number one.
Photo Credit: Michael Campbell

Danyelle Wolf has been blowing up the news circuit lately. You may have seen the Pacific Beach resident recently gracing the cover of Pacific Magazine, on local television news, and in nearly every community paper one could imagine. Despite all of this coverage, Wolf maintains a focused dedication to her craft, training and fighting her way to be the best female boxer in the world.

Recently, La Jolla Blue Book sat down with Wolf to discuss her success, life, the financial constraints of being a boxer, and generally why she loves to live in San Diego.

All-Around Athlete

Though she was a three-sport athlete at Millersville University in Pennslyvania, playing basketball, track, and field hockey, Wolf had not so much as put on a pair of gloves until about six years ago.

The boxer moved to San Diego after college with the intention of working as a life coach or home school teacher. This was the first time in her life that she was not a full-time athlete, and though it was rare, her work with others’ children was a truly rewarding position for her. Also, the income she had accrued allowed her to take some time off and train full time as a triathlete.

“It was really something to see the kids achieve through a reward structure,” Wolf elaborated. “But I felt like I was wasting my God-given athletic abilities.”

This is when she decided to take two years off, and focus on her own training as a triathlete. Boxing was yet to enter her life, and it was seemingly by a simple twist of fate that she entered the ring.

“I would be running down on the bay or boardwalk, and people were constantly asking me ‘Are you a fighter?’,” said Wolf. “At first it bothered me a little bit, but when someone explained that it was because I was tall, lean, and had well-defined arms, I began to accept the notion. I did not know fighting was such a huge sport in San Diego, so I decided to give it a try myself.”

Wolf continued that her first trial of the sport was at a now-defunct gym that was on Garnet Avenue. After stepping in the ring with the trainer, he was tremendously impressed with her raw talent, but as she put it herself “you can’t just learn overnight.”

Self-Discipline is the Key to Success

In speaking with Wolf it is obvious that her own self-discipline is her “x-factor” when it comes to winning. Though she lives near the commercial district of PB, she doesn’t go out until 2am, eat fatty foods, or get caught up in the lifestyle of a successful athlete. Of all the sports she has played throughout her life, she finds boxing is the most discipline oriented. She feels that this is due to the fact that there are numerous chapters of education when it comes to mastering the sport.

“I only had three fights going into Olympic trials, but they would never give me the win,” said Wolf. “Now, I’ve put my time in, and keep winning bout after bout.”

This drive to win has put her at number one for her weight class (152 pounds) in the United States. Following her title, she joined ten other women at the Olympic Facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado to train for the Continental Championship in Venezuela. Here Wolf took gold, and returned home to big name agents and agencies highly interested in her ability. Though the interest is there, Wolf claims that the parties involved are giving her too far fetched of a time schedule. They have promised her endorsements, albeit twelve to eighteen months down the line.

Therein lies the Catch-22. Wolf currently supports herself through her own personal training business which she operates out of her apartment. She recently had to miss a Golden Gloves and Ringside World Championship match due to lack of funding (it costs roughly $1,500 total for each her coach and herself to attend).

To most, it would seem that Wolf has life on easy street. This is not the case, however, as she does her own PR, trading services through Craigslist to build her own website. She is also an extremely talented artist, of which her bright impressionist-like work adorns her PB apartment. She is currently entertaining the idea of becoming a partner with a friend who owns a carpet cleaning business to further fund her boxing career.

“The Women’s World Championship is next year, and I will be a qualifier,” confidently stated Wolf. “The more fights I can enter, and win, the more experience I gain. Ultimately, this experience will lead to a gold medal in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.”

While Wolf has had journalists and agents alike describe her as “the hope for female boxing,” or say that “she is definitely going to be a pioneer in the sport,” major endorsements deals are crucial to her success. This being said, it is quite the possibility that we will see Danyelle Wolf cloaked in gold medals on the cover of a Wheaties box, or in Coca-Cola ads, in the near future. She definitely has the self-discipline, determination, and natural ability, now all it should take is the right sponsor to get her there.

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