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Did you know there are many ways to connect with your La Jolla Blue Book Yellow Pages? In an age of digital information, we’re right there with you.

Sure, given that we’ve published our Blue Books since 1937, it’s little surprise that we are known for our print directories. But we’re also available wherever you go. In fact, we are La Jolla’s single most used resource and we make it easier than ever for both locals and visitors to find what you want and need.

From Twitter and Facebook to YouTube and LinkedIn, we’re there. Follow us, like us, connect with us at home or on the go—we’re also mobile. That’s because our number one priority is to get you information when you need it. Whether it’s print or digital, it’s easier than ever before to find us, no matter where you are.

Even when you don’t have access to your trusted print directory, you can still get valuable local information online or on your smart phone. In fact, with our Find It La Jolla mobile app and our mobile website, if you are on the run in the village or even on vacation in Europe, you will always have near instant access to a wealth of information no matter where life takes you.  All you need is your iPhone, iPad or any other smart phone with an Internet connection, and we will have you connected to La Jolla in seconds.

Our online business directory also offers the most in depth information for each of the trusted businesses you’re looking for and will find.  Each listing includes phone and address info, website and email links, links to each company’s Twitter, Facebook and social media pages, and a unique custom description of each company’s services, background and history in the La Jolla community. And you will even find photos and videos that we have produced so that you know all about the businesses before you ever call or visit them.  Who else makes life so simple?

Check us out. We’re the La Jolla Blue Book and NOBODY does local search better.

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