Community Spotlight: Sima Alefi, Empowering Women Through Investment Planning

sima alefi

Sima Alefi is a financial advisor and Vice President – Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors on Girard Avenue in La Jolla. Though she’s been in the financial industry a long time, her principles and reasons for doing what she does have remained the same: helping those who are in need of financial advice; assistance with planning, investing, and saving; and perhaps most significantly, providing a safe space for recently divorced women and newly single parents to come for all kinds of financial services and advice. The Blue Book sat down with Sima to learn a bit more about what she does, get some advice, and learn about her goals to continue empowering women both financially and economically.

Sima Alefi has been a working mother ever since her two boys were born, and has been a dedicated financial advisor for more than twenty years. She began her practice with Edward Jones in northern California and transferred to Wells Fargo Advisors in April of 2014. Now, she is Vice President – Investments and plans on continuing to help women find their voice in the financial world.

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One of Sima’s long-term goals is to help women be more informed and educated about the circumstances surrounding a recent inheritance, a death in the family, or a divorce, so she can better assist them in what to do afterwards. Sima herself was brought up in a very patriarchal household; it was her grandmother who really inspired her to follow her dreams and dive into the financial sphere, despite it being a realm not crossed into by many women at the time. She went on to college and got her degree in financial planning and business management, and has been working her way up ever since.

sima alefiSima’s goal is to ensure that women feel they are being listened to, encourage them to be more preventative and prepare for retirement, and take extra precautions in the event something happens to a loved one, such as taking out a life insurance policy. She specializes in several areas, including investment planning and management, assistance and access to retirement programs, estate planning strategies, and education-funding analysis to project and estimate college costs. As someone who has juggled a career along with being a wife and mother of two boys, Sima understands how difficult a woman’s role in the financial arena can be – and she is here to help simplify it.

Tips for women: Prepare yourself financially for all potential outcomes, including death, divorce, inheritance, and potential loan costs (college for your kids). Should your husband have life insurance? Do you need help with investment planning so your family has options if something were to happen? Consider having a backup plan for each – even though these are often the events nobody wants to think about.

Tips for young people: Pay yourself first – even before you pay the bills. Consider adding to your 401k for retirement early on, and start a savings account and don’t touch it until you’re older. This could provide you with greater financial security down the line.

Tips for older generations: Seek professional and financial advice if you’re unsure about your status; you should not take advice from family members who are not financially savvy! Consider avoiding websites that claim to know how to help – always seek a professional. Additionally, consider buying (and holding out for) long-term investments, like retirement or college education and income planning.

Sima’s office is located at 7714 Girard Avenue in La Jolla; her hours are Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, and some weekends by appointment. Call her today for your free financial consultation or to make an appointment: (858) 456-2037.

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