Community Spotlight: La Jolla Veterinary Hospital Welcomes New Vet

Veterinary care is one of the most important aspects of pet ownership, especially when it comes to emergencies and life-threatening situations. Stephanie Coolidge and her team at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital know what it means to truly love what they do; and after more than 70 years in business, the hospital has become an icon of quality pet care in La Jolla. With newest addition Dr. Carrie Bone, the future of the hospital is only looking brighter.

“We are overjoyed to have such an extraordinary veterinarian join our team,” says hospital manager Stephanie Coolidge. “Not only is she a seasoned and talented doctor of veterinary medicine, but she has local ties to both the La Jolla community and specifically, La Jolla Veterinary Hospital. We could not ask for a better addition to our team.”

That kind of enthusiasm is inherent throughout the hospital; not just in the staff’s attitude about their job, but in the way they treat both the animals and clients. The relationship between staff members is the kind of close-knit camaraderie fostered only through a deep mutual respect of one another. In fact, close ties seem to be common at the hospital – Dr. Bone and the vet hospital owner, Dr. Breher, attended The Bishop’s School together.

Dr. Breher was Dr. Bone’s student assistant field hockey coach at Bishops – a shared experience that has since resulted in rehashing old memories with the staff and planning their future in La Jolla. “Dr. Bone has found her forever home here. We could not be happier to have a staff member who loves this community as much as we all do,” Dr. Breher says. After Bishops, both Dr. Breher and Dr. Bone went on to graduate from the University of California at Davis with their Doctorates in Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Bone prides herself in keeping up with the latest theories and techniques in her field, and particularly enjoys researching difficult and challenging cases. She believes that consistent wellness testing and early detection can help manage disease before pets get sick. She is committed to providing her clients with excellent care, and that begins with taking the time to thoroughly discuss all available options and then tailoring the care to the individual.

These priorities are shared with all of the doctors and staff at La Jolla Veterinary Hospital and this is one of the many reasons, Dr. Bone says, that she’s here to stay. “I have found my match. We support one another in a way that increases the level of medical care for our patients. Along with the best veterinary care possible, there is an emphasis on hospitality that is unprecedented.”

Dr. Bone shares her home in North County with her husband, daughter, and terrier-mutt named Larry Bird. She’s excited to be back home, and even moreso to continue this journey with La Jolla Vet Hospital!

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