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everett stunzEverett Stunz has been in business since 1963, when the original owners opened their doors on Prospect Street in La Jolla with a clear mission: to be San Diego’s premiere linen and bed store. And now, 52 years later, the store remains La Jolla and San Diego’s go-to for exquisite bed linens, high quality adjustable beds, soaps, organic detergents, and bath accessories. Enjoying more than fifty years of business is no small feat, so we took an exclusive look inside the store to see what makes Everett Stunz so unique.

The Couple Behind the Name

Current owners Philip and Nicki Coller are the third family to run the business; Mr. and Mrs. Stunz, the store’s namesake, owned it for several years until the Ripleys took over a bit later. Philip and Nicki Coller bought Everett Stunz almost 10 years ago and are still loving every minute of it. Nicki Coller is from South Africa and Philip was born in England; together, they have six kids, and the family lived in S. Africa for a few years before moving to Southern California.

everett stunz

Swedish Beds & Fine Linens

99% of the shop’s linens are imported from places like Italy, France, Turkey, and Switzerland – meaning they are some of the highest quality merchandise out there. Many of their beds are imported from Sweden, and they are actually the only store in all of San Diego that carries that legendary adjustable Duxiana beds (also Swedish). Rather than the traditional straight coils, Dux beds employ an incredibly unique interlinked steel coil system that allows for increased customization and a more comfortable feel. Everett Stunz was San Diego’s very first adjustable bed store – the original owner hired a company in the city to manufacture beds exclusively for him. Although somewhat lamely called “hospital beds” back in the day, those same beds are only increasing in popularity and prevalence because of their flexibility, endurance, and uniqueness.

Everett Stunz also carries bath accessories, towels, pillows (many of which are imported from Europe and then manufactured here), some lingerie and slippers, sheets (organic, bamboo, and 100% beach wood/wood fiber along with the more traditional sateen and silks), and imported Scotland-mulled soaps with exquisitely-pressed French ingredients (Yves Delorme).

everett stunz

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Did You Know? – Tips from the Experts

Store-bought detergents actually start to slowly break down the fibers in the sheets and cover them in a waxy coating that both decreases its breathability and creates a slippery film. As an alternative, Everett Stunz carries a unique brand of specialty detergents that do not contain bleach, caustics, enzymes, phosphates or sulfates and have a neutral pH. They also carry a Towel Wash that’s formulated to rinse cleaning and leave no lasting residue on the towels for increased absorbency. Without those harsh chemicals, sheets and other linens will last much longer

Since we live in a city whose climate never varies too drastically, the best thread count sheets to purchase are actually between 500 and 600 – any higher, and the weave becomes too thick to be breathable, causing a buildup of heat that can be uncomfortable during sleep. In Europe, families generally hand down linens from generation to generation; it’s customary to have sheets and bedspreads or quilts from grandparents or great-grandparents, but how do they last so long? It has been a long tradition there to only line dry linens. No dryers are used, which is much better for the quality of the fabric and allows them to last several more years than they would otherwise.

everett stunzEverett Stunz’s commitment to excellence is evident through their customer base; they have first, second, and third generations of families coming through to purchase items some 30+ years later because their bed has lasted them that long. Quality and value are essential at Everett Stunz, and it shows. Their brand new store is now open at Westfield UTC Mall (4417 La Jolla Village Drive) in addition to their location at 7616 Girard Avenue in La Jolla.

For more information, head over to their website or visit one of their two locations.

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