Community Spotlight: Dedicated Real Estate Expert Patricia Denning

patricia denningPatricia Denning has been involved in real estate for over 25 years, and her experience encompasses nearly every aspect of the industry – from Broker to Risk Management, Patricia has truly done it all when it comes to real estate. It’s this versatility, along with a passion for helping people and doing what it takes to succeed, that has set Patricia apart in the industry for the last 25 years. We got the scoop on what’s changing in the market, how Patricia has maximized her clients’ sales, and the best time to buy. 

From Dream Homes to Maximizing Sales

Patricia knew she wanted to be a part of the real estate world relatively early on – growing up in Illinois with a mother in the field, she was exposed to the industry at a young age. Her first job was at Century 21 in Del Mar. Shortly after that, she was asked to work in new home sales alongside top builders in San Diego as the on-site sales manager. Working with developers helped her understand the construction process and what goes into creating a truly exceptional home.

After many years in new home developments, she transferred to Willis Allen in La Jolla, returning to her roots in the resale of residential properties. She was most recently invited to join Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty. While her first love will always be the coastal communities, she works all over San Diego County.

Patricia has helped families find their dream home and assists others with selling quickly when they have run out of options or are faced with unforeseen circumstances. As her client’s only advocate during a sometimes confusing and stressful time, Patricia will often be a source for those same people three or four years later. She’s had clients return to her for help with another purchase or sale, and some have known her since she first started as an agent. Patricia’s background in Risk Management is an added bonus here, helping her to keep clients out of legal entanglements and protecting them from potentially detrimental financial situations.

A Changing Market

Over the last few years, the real estate market has become an increasingly digital venture. With homes and sale information being listed mostly online, people have access now to information they wouldn’t have ten years ago; consequently, a realtor’s job involves a lot more translating, investigating, and reporting than ever before. Patricia stresses the importance of telling people what they’re truly looking at when they look at homes online – despite how good a house or property may look in photographs, there is almost always a flip side. A big part of Patricia’s job is to give you the full story.

Additionally, time is even more of the essence than before; since sales and transactions can move at lightning speeds, it’s incredibly important to be proactive and get things done sooner rather than later. This is especially true for the buying market. “Buy property now before the rates start to increase again. Right now, buyers can get a lot for their money even with the slight increase in interest rates,” Patricia advises.

A Premiere Broker & Professional 

Patricia has an uncanny ability to satisfy both buyer and seller, and she is relentless in her pursuit of the best for every single one of her clients. Becoming a broker eight years ago meant reaching the apex of her career, though she never stops working to expand her knowledge – she still finds time to maintain her high level skill set by regularly participating in professional classes.

Visit Patricia’s Denning’s website for more information or give her a call at (858) 449-5899 to set up a practiced real estate consultation today.

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