Community Spotlight: Chris Dudley “Dishes” on What Sets Amerisat Apart

Establisheamerisatd locally and family-owned since its inception, Amerisat boasts an impressively experienced employee roster and prides itself on providing personalized service and superior products to a loyal fan base that only continues to grow with each year.

The Blue Book chatted with Chris Dudley, the son of original founder Robert, and got an inside look at what makes Amerisat different than its competitors.

A Family Affair Since 1983

Chris started coming into work with his dad when he was fifteen. He got started in what is arguably the toughest part of the business: selling. It was through this ‘initiation’ of sorts that Chris got a real feel for how the company works. His dad conceived the idea for a customer-oriented satellite dish retailer in the early 1980s, and opened Amerisat’s first location in 1983. Family really does run in the company’s veins, and the connection between employees and their passion for what they do is palpable. In fact, Chris vividly remembers one of their employees dressing up as Santa Claus – white beard and all – at a company Christmas party when Chris was no more than ten or eleven years old. He’s known some of these coworkers for most of his life and many of them still happily work at Amerisat, which is something you don’t see often in the industry today.

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Most of the employees at Amerisat have known each other for upwards of fifteen years and consider themselves a ‘work family,’ an atmosphere that many businesses strive for but few obtain. Collectively, the staff boasts more than fifty years of experience in the field. Most employees have more than twenty years in the business under their belt, and they’ve all worked in San Diego for the majority of their careers.


What Amerisat Does for You

There are essentially three parts to their business: dish fulfillment services, retail, and commercial. Their main focus is selling and installing satellite dishes, and they are also certified to install master antennas and master dishes for larger, high-capacity commercial spaces like apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, hotels, assisted living, etc.

Amerisat’s other services include home theater installation, including tv mounting and surround sound; wireless sound system installation (they are a Sonos dealer, a system that allows for different sound zones in each room); turnkey apartment services, dish installation, and commercial services. As a company, they are constantly trying to stay ahead of where technology is going, and in an age of streaming and ever-changing telecommunications, they know they need to tailor their products to end users’ needs. Their customer base is constantly expanding, and although they’ve been in the business for years, the enthusiasm for and dedication to their clients has remained unchanged and a fundamental element of their craft.

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So, Why Satellite?

For one, it’s significantly cheaper than going with cable; two, a much larger DVR comes standard (theirs is called The Hopper and can record up to 8 shows at a time); and third, you get everything that you see at home on your mobile device – including Netflix, shows that you’ve recorded, and tons of other new programs and apps. Overall, satellite is a much simpler system than cable. It cuts out all those middle men and makes for a much easier and more straightforward end-user experience.

Interested in learning more about satellite television and what Amerisat is all about? Visit their website or give them a call at (858) 505-1122. Their phone hours are Monday-Friday between 8am and 7pm, and Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 7pm.

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