Community Poll Results: The Seals At Children’s Pool

Last week we brought up a community issue that has been starting heated debates in La Jolla since the late 80’s – the Seals at Children’s Pool. After more than twenty years people are still arguing whether or not the beach belongs to them, to us or both of us. To get to the heart of matter, we hosted to poll to find out how readers felt about the issue.


The question we asked was: What should be done about the seals at Children’s Pool?

These were your options:
• Leave the seals and the rope protecting them, and let our aquatic brethren beautify the area with the presence.
• Find some middle ground. Shorten the rope and give our kids more beach to work with.
• Take the rope away altogether and send those seals packing to Santa Cruz or Monterey.\
• None of these – I have a better idea…

After a week, the results are in:


In the comments section, it was suggested numerous times that we mention the ‘Lifeguard Union Plan’, a compromise proposed by the lifeguard union that takes both parties into consideration by way of a boulder barrier that creates definite separation and a compromise on both sides. Below is a video featuring Ed Harris from the Lifeguards Union explaining the plan:

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