Celebrate Art at MCASD’s TNT…For FREE!

Nothing says a good time like a chance to cut lines and sip on a complimentary cocktail at an artsy, fun-filled event, and no one understands that better than MCASD. Take advantage of these perks on Thursday, July 16, by joining the museum as a member for $5 a month, and receive VIP treatment at the museum’s signature TNT event!


Guests in attendance at MCASD’s Thursday Night Thing (TNT) will have the opportunity to explore three different exhibitions: Anya Gallaccio, John D. Spreckels and The Impossible Railroad, and Pond Lily Over Mushroom Cloud: Byron Kim Adapts the Black on Black Cosmology of María Martinez. In addition, attendees can also immerse themselves in a variety of interactive activities. Take a tour of one of the exhibits, led by MCASD Gallery Educators, or make black-on-black paintings inspired by Byron Kim’s artwork.

The evening will also feature live music, starting at 7:30PM with an all-vinyl DJ set from Kyle-m, followed by headliners Chicano Batman, who recently performed at the famous Coachella music festival. Organic food truck Green Truck will be serving up a variety of yummy, healthy bites for guests to enjoy throughout the event.

Free admission to MCASD’s TNT is just one of the perks of having a museum membership. To learn more about MCASD membership, click here.

TIP: If you’re looking to attend MCASD’s TNT, join as a member as soon as possible–membership activation can take up to 24 hours.

TNT: Thursday, July 16, 7-10PM. Free for members; $8 for students and seniors; $10 for non-members.

[Photos: MCASD]


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