What to do in La Jolla on Rainy Days

Photo: Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

Photo: Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

Every once in a blue moon it does rain in La Jolla. Whenever those rainy days arrive, we twiddle our thumbs and are at a loss sometimes as to what to do in the non-beach perfect weather. Well, twiddle those thumbs no more, as we’ve put together an itinerary for any rainy day in La Jolla and the vicinity. The next time those gray clouds unleash a torrent, or even enough rain to deter you from your other plans, you’ll surely be prepared.

Have fun and travel safely!

1. Grab something warm to drink:

Stay dry, warm up and relax with a piping hot beverage at one of La Jolla’s many comfy cafes. We highly recommend The Brick & Bell Cafe, Harry’s Coffee Shop & Gallery, Girard Gourmet, Gold Fish Pointe Cafe, or the Mission Coffee Cup. These are all fantastic spots to meet with friends, hold an impromptu meeting, or simply enjoy a book or meet new friends.

2. Go to a museum!:

Walking is good exercise (better than running some experts say). Why not expand your mind and enrich your knowledge in one of La Jolla’s museums? Individuals or groups may engage in sensibly crafted art exhibits at the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego (MCASD), the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, or even pop into the La Jolla Historical Society to increase your knowledge with respect to local history. For an extensive diversity of museums and genres, you may want to head slightly south to world famous San Diego’s Balboa Park. In this expansive district, there are 17 museums to choose from, and Balboa Park definitely has a bit of something for everyone!

3. Have a shopping spree:

Umbrellas in La Jolla and the greater San Diego are as rare as original movies coming out of Hollywood. Why not duck out of the rain and into one (or perhaps two, three or more) of La Jolla’s shops? There are a few shopping scenes in town to indulge yourself while remaining dry. You can opt to hit the downtown La Jolla village, or the UTC Mall for bigger department stores that offer considerably more cover (such as Nordstrom). Whether you’re looking for something distinct to wear, an art piece for décor, or even a distinctive antique, La Jolla literally has something for everyone. The seaside community of La Jolla also features several jewelry stores, furniture dealers, bedding stores, lighting shops, specialty shops, gift stores, bookstores, shoe stores and much, much more. Whatever you may be shopping for, as you take shelter from the downpour, we promise you can find it here in beautiful La Jolla. For a list of La Jolla’s shopping spots, kindly click HERE.

4. Warm up with a good meal:

What better time to eat a hot, delicious meal than when it’s raining? You may enjoy dinner at one of the many La Jolla restaurants you’ve always been talking about trying for ages. Have you ever experienced the scrumptious scallops at Nine-Ten, or the delectable, appetizing pizzas of Catania? If not, these are just a start. La Jolla restaurants run the foodie extent from simple and casual taco shops to exquisite dining of international cuisine from renowned top chefs. Picking one of La Jolla’s many restaurants is nearly as much fun as eating at one. The bottom line is this: no matter where you decide to dine or feast, you’re sure to appreciate the friendly service as well as a great ambiance. Check out our restaurants page HERE to help you decide where to eat when the rain replaces the heat!

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