Leave the Holiday Transportation to a La Jolla Professional

The holidays are here! With Thanksgiving just hours away, people are getting ready to spend quality time with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting an elaborate feast or traveling to a loved one’s home, safe and reliable transportation is essential.

Driving to the airport and leaving your car there can start adding up very quickly. The first day costs $28 to park at the airport and each additional day is $28 as well. If you are heading out of state for the holidays, it can cost as much as $140 for parking alone for a 5 day trip. If you choose to valet your car at the airport, the cost jumps to $36 per day. There are some parking garages near the airport that offer slightly cheaper overnight rates, but you have to rely on a shuttle service to get you to your flight on time.

Skip the hassles and outrageous costs of driving yourself to the airport and leaving your car there. La Jolla transportation services are the absolute best in quality and are reliable in getting you and your family to and from the airport on time in a beautiful sedan or limousine. You won’t have to worry about fighting the crowds for parking as you are dropped off directly in front of your gate.

La Jolla transportation services aren’t just for getting to and from the airport! Arrive in style to a holiday party and leave the designated driving to a professional so you can enjoy your evening without worrying.

Hotels in La Jolla Offer Genuine Hospitality

When staying in La Jolla, visitors are presented with ample options for shopping, dining and entertainment.  From visiting the eccentric downtown area to participating in water activities along the beach, vacationers can pack their schedules with new and exciting things to do.  In addition to the variety of local La Jolla activities, the city’s close proximity to the Downtown Gaslamp District and other popular San Diego attractions makes it an ideal tourist destination.

When staying in La Jolla, you can choose a hotel that best fits your vacation needs. Hotels in La Jolla offer options ranging from small family owned establishments to full service spas. For a quaint retreat to La Jolla, smaller bed and breakfast establishments or beach style cottages are available offering genuine Southern California hospitality.  These smaller accommodations give visitors an authentic feeling of beach living and provide an intimate vacation experience you will always remember.  If you are visiting the area and looking to add a little luxury to your stay, there are also a variety of hotels that offer stunning views of the water and a more boutique experience.  These accommodations often present guests with large luxurious suites and a full service concierge.

For families staying in La Jolla, there are also a variety of well-known hotel chains that offer family style rooms and suites that can easily accommodate your large family or group.  They also offer amenities ideal for family travelers including heated swimming pools, workout facilities and complimentary wireless internet.  In addition, these hotels are in close proximity to other attractions such as Sea World and the San Diego Zoo, making La Jolla the ideal choice for families looking to explore the San Diego area.  No matter what type of experience you are looking for during your stay in La Jolla, we can help you find the perfect hotel to fit your needs. Adding additional convenience to your stay, there are several La Jolla transportation companies providing services including pick up and drop off from your La Jolla hotel to any San Diego tourist attraction.

Visitors looking to book a hotel in La Jolla are guaranteed to have plenty of options.  Whether you are in La Jolla for a couple’s getaway or for a family vacation, one of the many La Jolla hotels will have accommodations that fit your exact needs.

Explore Temecula Wineries in Style with La Jolla Transportation Services

Temecula Valley is Southern California’s premiere Wine Country located just twenty minutes north of San Diego. Home to over 20 wineries, Temecula is the perfect place to explore an assortment of wines in different settings. Whether you are interested in an upscale winery with first class dining or a casual ranch atmosphere, Temecula Valley offers it all.

temecula wineries

Visitors can travel to the wineries in a variety of fashions such as bus guided tours, self-guided tours or private transportation services. If you are looking forward to a day full of wine tasting, private transportation services are highly recommended and preferred by most travelers. La Jolla Transportation Services offer luxury sedans, buses and limousines for private tours throughout San Diego County and Temecula.

There are many advantages to a private winery tour through Temecula Valley. First, travelers are able to map out their own tour and visit the wineries they are most interested in. Second, you will get to experience and enjoy the wineries with your family and friends, as opposed to a public tour with a large group. Third, you do not have to designate a sober driver and everyone is able to safely join in on the fun. Lastly, you can stay as long as you would like at each winery and make your own schedule.

Whether you are scouting out wineries for a special event such as a birthday celebration or wedding or just enjoying a day of wine tasting with close friends, a La Jolla Limousine Service will take you to your destination in style. La Jolla Transportation Services can accommodate couples, small parties or large groups with a diverse fleet of vehicles. Our chauffeurs are professional and experienced drivers, who are familiar with La Jolla, Temecula Valley and other areas of San Diego County.

If you are looking for a more economical way to explore Temecula Valley, public bus tours are also offered. Many tours will take you on a half day or full day tour to several wineries and the price includes tastings at each location. Another option is a self-guided tour, where you can drive to the wineries you wish to visit. This allows you to make your own agenda and experience the wineries and restaurants as you please. No matter what form of transportation you choose, we invite you to come enjoy the variety of exquisite wines and gorgeous views of rolling hills and lush, green vineyards.

La Jolla Transportation Serves a Variety of Transportation Needs

Are you celebrating a special event, prom, wedding or anniversary? Are you a corporate or business professional who travels often for work? No matter what your transportation needs are, La Jolla transportation companies offer a variety of vehicles and services to meet your needs. We can accommodate large groups, individuals or couples in a sedan, van, shuttle bus or limo.

If you and your friends are getting ready for a night out on the town, why wait for a taxi to come pick you up and worry about fares. Make a reservation for the time you would like to be picked up and get a set rate with a La Jolla Limousine Service. You can even choose the type of vehicle that you would like. If it is a special event that you need transportation for such as a homecoming dance, prom, a wedding, anniversary or birthday, ask our transportation companies about special accommodations and amenities. The chauffeur can prepare the limo or party bus with ice, glasses and beverages to give your special event that extra touch.

Many La Jolla transportation companies also offer special packages for day trips to amusement parks including Disneyland, Legoland, Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. These packages offer families a great way to travel to their favorite attractions. Temecula winery tours and San Diego brewery tours are also offered as a safe and fun way to go wine or beer tasting.

We often serve the corporate professionals who are doing business in La Jolla. La Jolla airport transportation services provide convenient and smooth transportation to and from the San Diego Airport. Schedule a pick up from your La Jolla Hotel or residence and enjoy a relaxing ride to the airport. La Jolla transportation companies also provide transportation for large corporate events from the hotel to the venue.

Whether you need reliable transportation for a special event, night out with friends, day trip or business travel, La Jolla transportation services have the experienced drivers and variety of vehicles to meet your travel needs.

How To Pack For Your Move by Bartle Brothers Movers

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Moving Tips by Bartle Brothers Movers.

Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for moving that’s why we’ve partnered up with Bartle Brothers Movers to bring you these helpful moving tips. In this tutorial Chris Bartle guides you on how to properly pack and organize your items for a smooth and hassle free move.

A good rule of thumb when packing is heavy things on the bottom and light things on the top. Set up a packing area that is free of clutter with ample surface space to work on. Start packing your box with heavy items such as plates and heavy bowls (separate layers with paper) finish off with layers of light items like glassware and coffee mugs.

Each box should be nice and packed to the top substituting paper or a blanket if you run out of items. Labeling your boxes is also helpful. Labeling which room the items belong in helps make your move a lot more efficient and helps you when unpacking. Labeling a box is also helpful when it contains fragile items or if it requires special handling.

We want to thank Bartle Brothers Movers for providing these helpful moving tips! Bartle Brothers is locally owned and family operated, offering local and long distance moves, expert packing and crating.

To learn more please visit, Bartle Brothers Movers or contact them at,

or 619-291-9950

To learn more about moving and packing services please visit our La Jolla Movers & Full Service Storage guide.

Private Airport, Limousine and Taxi Service is the Smart Way to Travel In San Diego

Flying into San Diego International Airport? Skip the Taxi Cab Line, Save Some Money and Get Picked Up In Style by calling a La Jolla Airport Transportation company ahead of time. And when travelling throughout San Diego, call for a La Jolla limousine or La Jolla taxi to save money and upgrade your ride.

If you are planning a trip to San Diego, make sure you avoid the taxi cab lines at the San Diego International Airport. Taxi cabs in San Diego like those you see in New York and Chicago are very expensive and you will spend way too much money getting to your hotel from the airport if you hop in the cab line.

If you want to travel like a local, book a private sedan or limo and you won’t be sorry! Book ahead with La Jolla Transportation or any of our reliable airport transportation, limousine or luxury taxi carriers.

Private airport transportation in San Diego is the way to go when traveling about town.
As you ride up and down San Diego’s coast in comfort, you will be happy you chose to travel like a local.