Community Spotlight Feature: La Jolla Kayak

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 2.07.17 PMMichael Luscomb, owner of La Jolla Kayak is a true La Jolla native. In fact, he was one of the last to be born at the old Scripps Hospital. The San Diego area is certainly no stranger to the Luscombs, either. If you’ve ever heard of Luscomb Point (the surf break), it’s named after Michael’s father, a surfer and lifeguard from Point Loma. So, you could say (in a very Ron Burgundy-esque way) they’re kind of a big deal.
So, what was the Genesis of La Jolla Kayak you ask? Well, it was a trip to Napoli that gave Michel the idea. After exploring Italy’s kayaking adventures, Michael came back to the states, bought six kayaks, and started piecing together the plans for his business out of his garage. With paper flyers and a pager in hand, Michael started marketing. In 1996, he opened the space that he’s still at today. Cut to 2018, we’re La Jolla Kayak and Hike Bike Kayak are moving about 50,000 tourists annually through their shops alone.
If you haven’t been yet, you should know that La Jolla Kayak is known as San Diego’s premier ocean kayaking and snorkeling destination. Located just a few blocks from the world famous La Jolla Shores beach, it’s no wonder why La Jolla Kayak is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Operating from the Shores since 1996, La Jolla Kayak provides tours of breathtaking cliffs, caves, and natural landscapes. Guests have the opportunity to venture out into La Jolla‘s 6,000 acre underwater reserve. This protected ecological site is renowned for its deep trenches, expansive marine life, and stunning reefs. “It’s like SeaWorld in the raw. You get to have an interactive experience with these animals, and you’re not in a confined place. You’re in the water, you’re with the water, and you’re with nature” says Luscomb.
Michael runs the business with his wife Sharon, who handles all of the background work and event coordination. He has over 90 employees, all of whom are like family. “The gratifying thing to me is to see the kids who I’ve hired grow up. They’ve gone on to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, some are in nuclear submarines. I have 6 marriages that people have met through my company. 4 out of those 6 couples have children. I’m like a dating service” Michael jokes.
There are two convenient ways of exploring this local gem. Guests can either rent individual or double kayaks and explore the sea caves on their own, or join a guided tour with a certified instructor. “It’s amazing to have people come up to me who are 60 years old and say ‘you know, that was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.’ It’s just a very rewarding experience” says Luscomb. You can also rent snorkeling gear and observe the marine life and reefs native to Southern California. “The conditions are epic right now. The leopard sharks that have not been seen yet this summer are now starting to come back.”
So what are you waiting for? Take adventure a step further in the beautiful city of La Jolla. La Jolla Kayak gives tourists and locals the opportunity for an experience of a lifetime. All kayaks are waiting for guests at the only public kayak launch on the beach. The only thing you need to worry about is getting yourself there. Experience some of the finest scenery in La Jolla with a company that is the premiere kayak and snorkeling exploration outfit in San Diego. Make a reservation to rent a kayak or snorkeling gear and get out on or in the water. Locals come in for a local rate. Give them a call at (858) 459-1114 or visit to make a reservation.

Shop Small this Saturday in La Jolla


There is another way to shop and you don’t have to rush through your family Thanksgiving dinner, or set an alarm to head to the store at 3 in the morning. It is Small Business Saturday. The day we should shop small. Small Business Saturday is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country. It was founded by American Express in 2010, and it is celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year, Small Business Saturday is November 24th.

Why shop local?

Well, small businesses are the ‘corner’ stores that create jobs in our communities. The local shops are what keep our communities going and whose very presence makes a neighborhood, our neighborhood.

shop smallDon’t stress about rushing through dinner, or having to get a spot in line at big retailers, shop local. When you shop at local businesses, you support the little things that make your community great. One of the benefits is, the money you spend at the local business, stays in your neighborhood.

If you will be in La Jolla you can always use the La Jolla Blue Book to shop local year long, and especially on November 24th, Small Business Saturday.

La Jolla Picks for San Diego Restaurant Week

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Mary’s English Kitchen Now Serving Dinner – Book Now and Get 30% Off!

mary's english kitchenThis Friday September 12, make reservations for dinner at Mary’s English Kitchen to get 30% off your entire meal! The cafe will be serving dinner three days a week starting this Friday in addition to their delicious breakfast and lunch service. They will now be open 10am to 6pm on Monday; 9am-6pm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday; and 9am to 9pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Dinner will be available on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings. Get an exclusive look at their brand new menu here!

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Museum Month | Explore San Diego For 50% Off


Museum Month is back in San Diego County for its’ 25th year! This extremely popular month long event enables residents to enjoy many local museums for half-off. There are 44 San Diego museums, spread across the county, that participate in the event. Museum Month was started by the San Diego Museum Council in 1989 as a way to draw thousands of visitors to San Diego’s museums, historical sites, and cultural centers. In addition, the reduced price attracts local residents to explore the many educational offerings that San Diego has.

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Spring Cleaning For Your Body: 3-Day Cleanse From Lean and Green Cafe


Lean and Green Cafe in La Jolla is starting off the month of love by featuring a special 3-day cleanse! The healthy and gourmet foods cafe has been serving La Jolla residents organic and naturally grown foods since it first opened. As La Jolla’s “only place to eat organic, vegan, and gluten free”, it’s no wonder that so many people enjoy the charming and eco-friendly atmosphere that Lean and Green Cafe provides. We got the opportunity to experience the 3-day cleanse and we’re happy to report that it was not only healthy but also quite delicious! Here is a first hand look at how the 3 days went:

Day 1

lean and green

Breakfast: Dr. Matea [Spinach, celery, kale, cucumber, and lemon juice]
Lunch: Cleanse Salad [Mixed greens, kale, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, red onions, sprouts, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar]
Dinner: Steamed Bowl #1 [Quinoa (Eggplant optional), red beets, broccoli, cilantro, ginger, and olive oil]

Day 1 of the cleanse turned out to be rather easy and not too difficult. The Dr. Matea breakfast was full of vegetables and was very delicious. The wait until lunch time was not bad and the cleanse salad was overly filling. The balsamic vinegar combined with the cucumber and broccoli provided a lot of satisfying ‘crunch’. For dinner, the steamed bowl was a treat! The beets were cooked perfectly and the quinoa was a nice addition.

Day 2

Super Green

Super Green

Breakfast: Super Green [Celery, cucumber, apple, and spinach]
Lunch: Detox Salad [Organic mixed baby greens, yellow beets, red beets, apples, cilantro, haas avocado, walnuts, lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil]
Dinner: Split Pea Basil Soup

Day 2 of the cleanse was by far the hardest. As my body was struggling to adapt to the new diet, my hunger was reaching an all time high. The super green juice, although thicker than the Dr. Matea, definitely smelled the most like raw vegetables and had to be consumed slowly. By lunch time, I couldn’t wait another second for my detox salad! The combination of beets, apples, avocado, and walnuts provided for a very ‘raw’ and clean flavor. For dinner, the split pea basil soup was probably my favorite meal of the entire cleanse. The soup was extremely delicious, flavorful, and hearty. I finished off day 2 with a smooth chamomile tea that helped put me right to sleep.

Day 3

Detox Salad

Detox Salad

Breakfast: Crazy Jungle Smoothie [Almond milk, spinach, cucumber, avocados, banana, and ice]
Lunch: Fruit Bowl [Mandarin orange, banana, mango, and strawberry]
Dinner: Steamed Bowl #2 [Broccoli, kale, red and yellow beets, ginger, carrots, and olive oil]

Day 3 was not only the best, but one of my favorites. My body had now adjusted to the new healthy diet and was not craving food nearly as much. The Crazy Jungle Smoothie was sweet, creamy, and the touch of avocado was enjoyable. The day 3 lunch was a nice surprise. My body loved the ripe flavors of the fruit. For my last dinner, the steamed bowl was a strong finish to the 3 day cleanse.

In addition to the meals listed above, I was also given a wheatgrass shot & chamomile tea every day. These two supplements helped ease hunger and the tea was very beneficial to drink right before bed. After completing the 3-day cleanse, I was able to reflect and witness how bad I was eating prior to it. I recognized that I would have consumed so many extra and unnecessary calories. The cleanse gave me a great amount of self control that I am now able to use in my normal diet! I have slowly re-introduced healthy food back into my system and feel great. During the course of the 3 days, I lost a total of 5 pounds and believe my stomach got smaller! I am now eating smaller portions and feeling fuller a lot sooner than before.

Now it’s time for you to start living healthier! If you’re interested in completing this 3-day cleanse, please contact Lean and Green Cafe! The menu is customizable for each day and is priced at $99. The cleanse is a limited-time offer and is only available for the month of February, so make sure you get a head start. Please note that a 24 hour advance notice is required and pick up time for meals each day is between 8:00AM-10:00AM. Visit for more information.

Lean & Green Cafe
7825 Fay Ave Ste 180
La Jolla, CA 92037 (b/t Prospect St & Silverado St in La Jolla)


Day 1 of Great Holiday Gift Ideas

day 1 gift

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