An Interview with Suzanne Deeb Naboulsi of Timeless Treasures.

With over 20 years of experience, Timeless Treasures has produced and sold beautiful custom jewelry for every occasion. From Wedding Bands, Custom Pieces, or Designer Collections, their jewelry experts have the knowledge and skill set to find the perfect piece.

They pride themselves in their carefully and tastefully curated collection of genuine diamond rings, bracelets and necklaces.

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Suzanne Deeb Naboulsi of Timeless Treasures.

La Jolla Blue Book: I understand that you were a certified assessor in the environmental protection department of Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil company of Saudi Arabia. What made you decide to make such a shift and go into the jewelry business?

Suzanne Deeb Naboulsi : Art and design have been passions of mine since I was a young kid. These passions grew with me, nurtured by my environment and family of jewelers, designers, and jewelry showroom owners.  Once I began pursuing higher education (earning a Bachelor’s degree followed by a Master’s degree) and working in Aramco (the world’s largest oil company), I had no choice but to put my creative passions on hold.

Nevertheless, I took every opportunity life allowed me to send my family some of the infinite designs swimming in my head. Every time they’d hand me the materialized form—whether it be a necklace, ring, or earring—I would be reminded of the sentimental beauty this art form can hold.

When I moved to La Jolla, I had two options: continue with the career I’ve been a part of for 20 years, or tap into the artistic half of me that’s been aching for some sunlight. I chose to unfreeze the hungry passion and reunite with it. That’s the story of how I came to open Timeless Treasures, my jewelry store!


LJBB: You come from a family of jewelers. Is jewelry something that’s always been an interest for you? Does your environmental science background ever factor into your business today?

SDN: Surprisingly, I’ve noticed many shared elements between my scientific and artistic experiences. I’ll limit my answer to a few:

Firstly, learning about the importance of specific environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, location, etc.) that allow for the creation of genuine gemstones and diamonds is endlessly fascinating. This in itself is environmental science!

In addition, as a certified Operational Excellence assessor, I promoted excellence and high-standard performance in the organizations I worked for. This really influenced my approach to the field of jewelry and gemstones and allowed my business to succeed and be recognized in a very short period of time. I try to apply the basics of pursuing excellence in every aspect of my life.

Finally, I have acquired an important factor in my highly interactive environmental science background: overcoming barriers of effective communication. The jewelry business requires social interaction and communication with people of various backgrounds, with different languages, cultures—even emotions!


LJBB: For people who may not know, can you tell us a little about Timeless Treasures and what makes it so unique?

SDN: Although Timeless Treasures has existed for many years, 7 months ago, I brought my eye for cutting-edge designs and fine jewelry that embrace unique and enduring styles. I totally reimagined, revitalized, and reopened the store. Now, we house jewelry, especially diamond and precious gems, and high-end watches of all kinds.

We personally supervise the setting and polishing of all our gemstones to ensure the greatest quality. In addition, we house exclusive collections from acclaimed designers, only found in our store. Nina Nguyen, for example, is one of the first designers I had the pleasure of showcasing. Her collection offers a large variety of exquisite designs with precious stones in their natural habitats—a one-of-a kind jewelry line!

Even better, to meet all tastes, we also provide the option to custom make designs, no matter how crazy! We recognize the importance of individuality so we spare no effort to bring everyone’s dream engagement ring, wedding band, fashion accessory, whatever it may be, to life!

LJBB: How do you go about collecting your inventory? Where do you find it? 

SDN: I travel to different countries, including those in Europe and the Middle East, personally choosing items with unique designs as well as precious stones to incorporate into my own creations. Of course, I also attend all the international jewelry shows and events that take place all over the world.


LJBB: Do you have a personal favorite item or favorite collection that you carry? 

SDN: I’m a personal fan of the hand-made collection and Nina Nguyen collection.

LJBB: In addition to selling pieces from your great collections, what other services do you offer?

SDN: We do all kind of repairs for jewelry: stone resetting, stone matching, pearl resetting, beading, gold plating, rhodium plating, ring resizing, and more.

We also repair high-end watches and change batteries. Cleaning is always free at Timeless Treasures.

LJBB: How long has Timeless Treasures been a part of La Jolla?

SDN: Only 7 months.



LJBB: What is the best part of having a store located in La Jolla? 

SDN: The absolute best part of La Jolla is, hands down, the amazing locals and tourists.  Everyone is extremely welcoming, friendly, and appreciative of the hard work put into Timeless Treasures and its unique designs. In fact, I’ve had customers from other states visit repeatedly, letting me know that stopping by Timeless Treasures was the first activity on their San Diego action list!  Hearing this was the greatest accolade I have earned being here.

It is sincerely an honor being a part of the La Jolla business family. I wake up with a smile on my face, every day.

LJBB: What’s one thing you would like for people to know before they visit your store?

SDN: I appreciate every one of you. You make this city the little paradise it is.

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The History of Adelaide’s Florists & Decorators


In the era of the Great Depression, with a working budget of a modest $6.00, Adelaide Phillips took a bold step in the midst of uncertainty and opened a small flower stand on a lot that was bought along highway 101 in Encinitas, California. Flowers by Adelaide was thus began as a single operation until her son, Harry Jr., constructed an edifice that was to become Adelaide’ first full service flower shop. It was her great affinity for flowers and her determination to succeed in business in the true American spirit that has now blossomed into a love that has continued over three generations.

After working as a partner with Adelaide for over thirty devoted years, Harry bought out the business in 1974 and became the sole proprietor. Adelaide and Harry shared the same thirst for serving people as well as the industry and Harry was resolute in his efforts to cultivate Adelaide’s to be the foremost floral shop in the Southern California area. When Harry passed away in 2009, his daughter Gina took up the reins with the same dedication to quality and perfection and filled his footsteps.

With the combined efforts of Adelaide, Harry, and all of the faithful employees, a robust team of people provided Gina with an opportunity to grow Adelaide’s into what it is today.

As with time and how things change, Gina, with considerable care, thought and affection, sold the abundant business to the Newell family in November of 2010, with the belief that they would continue the heartfelt family tradition that Adelaide, Harry and Gina had built. They ultimately hired Jerry Parent and Larry Anhorn in 2011 to assist in building on the past traditions and in the end sold the business to them in 2016.

Adelaide’s has come a considerable way and has entered its 80th year of servicing La Jolla and the San Diego community with the best in floral designs, plants, giftware and events. Jerry and Larry each look forward with a mutual desire to serve La Jolla and San Diego community for many years to come. This is being accomplished by remaining true to past traditions as well as a focused vision to establish new directions in order to serve the needs of multiple generations to come.

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