Tuesday’s Are For One Thing – Tacos

Seriously, who doesn’t love to sink their choppers into a delicious, freshly made taco or other scrumptious Mexican food? Taco Tuesday in La Jolla is easily affordable and convenient. If you’re thinking, “Yeah, but I bet…” let me stop you in your huaraches, amigo, because though reasonably priced, you’re still getting great quality food. Let’s take a peek at some of La Jolla’s best places to grab a bite to eat.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.22.19 PM

Puesto Mexican Food 
Puesto first appeared on the scene in lovely La Jolla (now with a great second location at The Headquarters) advertising itself as fresh Mexican street food. Puesto has lived up to this distinction by serving up fresh and ever tasty Mexican food. Puesto is the definitive must try, as their signature tacos are crafted with a layer of crispy melted cheese topped with your choice of favorite proteins and fixings on a handmade tortilla. Puesto also recently opened a sit-down full-service restaurant located right next door to the original and more casual Puesto on Wall Street. The sit-down menu offers exclusive and various items than that of the causal location along with a full-service bar. Puesto is a fantastic place for lunch or dinner or simply for enjoying your fave adult beverages and delicious appetizers with friends or family. Due to their ever fresh ingredients, Puesto tacos will set you back a mere $12 for three tacos, but hold on just a sec, friendo, if you ease by during Taco Tuesdays they are only $2 per! Taco Tuesday at Puesto, a can’t passer upper! Puesto is located at 1026 Wall St.

The Taco Stand 
The Taco Stand is a relative newcomer but nevertheless a fast growing favorite among locals. So what sets them apart from all the rest, you ask? Well, for starters they offer al pastor the authentic way — on a vertical spit. In addition, all meat is of the highest quality and they also make their own hand-made tortillas. Oh! And they offer a decent amount of authentic Mexican sides such as corn on the cob with parm cheese, mayo and chili powder. Inspired by the taco stands of Tijuana and their adventures along the Baja peninsula, The Taco Stand features Mexican flavored popsicles (oh, yum!), refreshments, and imported beer. And if you’re lucky, the churro machine might actually be cranked up and diners can get their dessert on with freshly prepared Rosarito-style churros! The Taco Stand is conveniently located at 621 Pearl St.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 2.24.01 PM

Verdes, a.k.a. “The Ranch,” as locals refer to it, has been a La Jolla establishment since WW II era 1945. This sit-down restaurant serves up authentic and traditional Mexican dishes passed down through the family such as Chile Rellenos, Carnitas Michoacan, Pozole, Enchiladas, Burritos, and Tamales, as well as fresh salads, tasty tostadas, and soups. Be sure to stop by during happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 ‘til 6 p.m. and titillate your taste buds with one of their all the rage tequila margaritas. Verdes is easily located at 7404 La Jolla Blvd.

Jose’s Court Room 
If you’re looking for a casual Mexican food stop with panoramic ocean views, family friendly dining, as well as late night drinks and entertainment, then look no further than Jose’s! Established in 1956 and family owned, Jose’s has a delightfully fun beach vibe with seating either indoors or outdoors in the ideal La Jolla climate. Gnosh on a delicious burrito and chase it down with a cold brewski all the while chillaxing and taking in the scenic views of the Cove from the outdoor patio. Coming in from the beach? No worries, shirts are entirely optional. Jose’s is easy to find at 1037 Prospect St. in beautiful La Jolla.

La Jolla Juice Bars We Love


Looking to launch your health kick this summer? La Jolla is the perfect town to do so!

Stop in for an ice-cold green juice from one or more of these insanely-awesome juice bars in La Jolla.

Juice Kaboose
7556 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037

What we recommend: The Green Lemonade. For over 20 awesome years, Juice Kaboose has been offering La Jolla residents and visitors alike with a healthy abundance of lip-smacking green juices, and their Green Lemonade is certainly no exception. Created with fresh apple juice, fresh lemon juice, ginger, spinach, cucumber, celery, and honey, Green Lemonade is an energizing choice for any La Jolla day when you’re seeking a refreshing juice to chill with. And hey, as an added bonus, the blend of honey and ginger fuels the body’s immune system and fights off any of those nasty toxins that may be coursing through your body.

Lean and Green Cafe
7825 Fay Ave, Suite 180
La Jolla, CA 92037

What we recommend: The Ultimate Green. Lean and Green Cafe’s Ultimate Green juice is prepared with all organic ingredients, including apple, celery, cucumber, and spinach. Spinach is bursting with wall-to-wall antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K. Oh, too high-cal you say? Not. The Ultimate Green remains a low-calorie, healthy green! This particular drink is perfect right after surfing or after an intensive yoga session, so ask for one for your “ultimate” cool-down.

Nekter Juice Bar
834 Kline Street
La Jolla, CA 92037

What we recommend: The Greenie. This is Nekter’s signature green juice. Made fresh to order, this juice is an invigorating assortment of parsley, spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon and apple for a hint of sweetness. Parsley is a particularly favorable ingredient, because it acts as a cleansing agent by promoting optimal kidney function. The Greenie’s ingredients are rich and contain appetite suppressant veggies.

Juice Crafters
935 Silverado St
La Jolla, CA 92037

What we recommend: Green #2. Juice Crafters takes pride in their cold-pressed juices and on-the-spot made-to-order smoothies and bowls – and for excellent reason! Greener #2 is a cold-pressed concoction of kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber celery, apple and lemon. Rife with vitamins A, C, E and K, this juice has the perfect purifying properties that make it a fantastic and satisfying post-work out drink.

So drink up! Here’s to good health not just in the summertime, but all year around too! 

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Where To Get Your Coffee Fix in La Jolla

Do you love coffee? Let’s face it – who doesn’t? What’s not to love? In La Jolla, there certainly isn’t a shortage of coffee houses. Here are just some of our favorites.

Brick & Bell: 
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.26.55 PM
The Brick & Bell Cafe is housed in a 100-year old red rustic brick house along Siverado Street, and has been a favorite hangout spot since 2003. A few perks to Brick & Bell include their famous scones (which they serve up to 1,000 per day), their early bird-friendliness (they open at 4am on weekdays), their casual and friendly atmosphere, and their tasty and affordable cup of Joe! No wonder it’s a town favorite!

Girard Gourmet:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.30.37 PM

Girard Gourmet is a La Jolla bakery, deli and restaurant serving up freshness for breakfast, lunch and dinner- and they just recently celebrated their 30th year of being in business! This is the perfect spot to grab a fresh pastry, and enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Open daily at 7am, Girard Gourmet. Located on Girard Avenue in La Jolla village, Girard Gourmet is also a catering favorite for La Jolla residents and businesses.
Harry’s Coffee Shop:
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.28.37 PM
Harry’s coffee shop has been making visitors and coffee lovers happy since 1960. This Coffee Shop was the brainchild of Harry Rudolph and has been in the Rudolph family for more than 60 years. In addition to the delicious food and coffee, the unique collection of paintings and comfortable booths will put a smile on your face, guaranteed! Grab a friend, and go on down to Harry’s!
Goldfish Point Cafe:
Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 12.29.18 PM
Coffee AND a view? Say no more – we’re in! Goldfish Point Cafe overlooking La Jolla Cove and the La Jolla caves offers a variety of specialty coffee drinks and pastries. Grab a cup, and hit the beach. Or if you prefer sandwiches and box lunches, the offer that as well. Goldfish Point Cafe in La Jolla delivers to La Jolla businesses, La Jolla hotels and La Jolla residences daily from 8am-3pm.

An Interview with Chef Dominic Tedesco of Dominic’s Table

DSC_0021Chef Dominic Tedesco is a true, creative Renaissance man and Master Chef.  Add to this mix his irresistible southern charm and old fashioned business ethics, and you have a great recipe for success. Raised in the Midwest by his Italian immigrant parents, he is the youngest of eight boys. Chef Dominic has always stayed true to his Sicilian roots.

From an early age, his fascination with great foods grew into what was the beginning of his dream as he learned to cook at his mother’s side. He opened his first restaurants in Indiana and Kentucky. He also became well known on the competitive circuit, winning the International Pizza Championship, as well as various awards for his pizza recipes.

In 2006, he decided to return to the classroom and finish his culinary degree in Las Vegas, Nevada where he became an Executive Chef to a whole new audience, including many celebrities from Las Vegas to Hollywood. Dominic Tedesco can also be credited as a producer for the Production Company Red Velvet Entertainment, Inc.  Currently, the chef is in development for his own series of television cooking shows and just finished filming a movie he was cast in to be released in theaters, early 2019.

In 2017 Chef Dominic left Las Vegas to make his dream a reality and took his already successful career to a higher level in La Jolla, California. His culinary masterpieces have found a new home with the opening of his new restaurant, Dominic’s Table, a place where his favorite comfort foods and award winning recipes are being served up daily in this beautiful beach city.

We had the pleasure of going to Dominic’s Table and chatting with Dominic about his wonderful new restaurant.                                                    

La Jolla Blue Book: Dominic, the design and feel of the restaurant is wonderful. What was your process in designing and decorating it?

Dominic Tedesco: I designed the restaurant so my guest could feel like they were dining at my house. I wanted a warm, relaxed atmosphere, not crowded, and less noise. I love art, culture and music so we have sweet smooth jazz playing and the artwork around is designed by my brother Guy who is a talented international sculptor and artist with many pieces displayed and more to come.


LJBB: Let’s talk about the menu- what can we expect to see on the menu regularly?

DT: The menu is my journey through life with food. So 50% is Italian, which is true to my heart, and the rest are my favorite foods from around the world. We also have a delicious raw bar with everything from Japanese style sushi to ceviche from around the word- oysters, crudos, and few surprises.


LJBB: Each month guests will be able to try dishes inspired from all over the world, is that correct?

Yes, there will also be a special “International Menu” featuring dishes that change every month. They are dishes from specific regions, prepared as authentically as possible. I’ve listened to people and what dishes they like. I asked them how their grandmothers made these foods then see if I can incorporate the ideas into how we prepare the dishes. I do a lot of research to get the right ingredients. It doesn’t matter how authentic the recipe, if you don’t use the right ingredients, it’s not going to be the same.

LJBB: What is your most favorite item off of the menu?

DT: My favorite dish ever is pasta and meatballs! But the menu is designed with all of my favorites from mouth watering steaks, seafood, and salads. We also have have some great vegan and vegetarian dishes.


LJBB: What’s the best part about having a restaurant in La Jolla?

DT: To provide a great place for everyone to come relax, enjoy delicious food at a reasonable price with exceptional service. I want everyone to create traditions at Dominic’s Table. It is a great place for date night, so come fall in love again with your sweetheart, wife or partner at Dominic’s Table!


LJBB: How do you see the La Jolla food-scene growing/changing in the next few years, and how do you hope to influence this?

DT: Food is a huge part of everyone’s life and there are some great restaurants and amazing Chefs in La Jolla. I’m proud to now be a part of the community in La Jolla and working with restaurants and fellow merchants to offer a pleasant memorable experience every time you visit La Jolla.


LJBB: What is one thing folks should know before coming to your restaurant?

DT: My mother taught me to cook as young child and insisted the most important ingredient I could ever put in my food was the feelings in my heart! I truly enjoy serving my guest.

LJBB: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers before we sign off for now?

DT: Have an amazing day filled with great food, great wine, great friends, and an amazing amount of passion, and always believe!

Dominic’s Table is located at 875 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037.

Wine & Dine Mom this Mother’s Day Weekend

Mother’s Day is the time to honor our mothers and grandmothers. Be sure to treat your mom this Sunday and check out these fantastic places to spend time with the special woman in your life this Mother’s Day in La Jolla.

Marine Room

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.47.48 PM
Conveniently positioned in La Jolla at one of the more picturesque seaside locales in the entire world, people from all over San Diego and even from around the world have revered and honored the tradition of elegant dining at The Marine Room for well over 70 years. The La Jolla, San Diego landmark, is certainly one and the same one may equate with fine dining and a sophisticated environment. While the Pacific Ocean waves rush against the floor-length windows, patrons are coddled with definitive, award-winning cuisine. The experience is certainly one the special woman in your life will long remember. Where indeed but the The Marine Room located in pleasant La Jolla Shores might a mother be pampered and feel like the queen she is? The Marine Room is the definitive favored locale for an exquisite dining experience among San Diego visitors and residents alike, a place where each and every meal is truly an extraordinary time for mothers to celebrate and reminiscence years and years later.

Shores Restaurant

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.48.55 PM

For those seeking one of the better places to celebrate a delightful Sunday brunch for your special mother or wife, the Shores Restaurant is a fine choice to make. Aside from its remarkable Pacific Ocean view, patrons can hardly make a better choice than to make merriment at the Shores Restaurant. Fittingly situated smack right on the beach in the Spanish-style La Jolla Shores Hotel, The Shores Restaurant serves Sunday brunch and breakfast, lunch and dinner on a daily basis. And Mother’s Day is no different!

Brockton Villa 

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 5.49.38 PM
If you’ve never been to La Jolla or Brockton Villa, you’ve surely been missing out on a fantastic treat. Brockton Villa Restaurant is pleasantly situated in but one of La Jolla’s original beach cottages. The seaside location offers diners a striking and otherwise spectacular view overlooking La Jolla Cove. The notable dining establishment has a superb menu in store for those special women in your life this year. Make your reservations now and prepare to see the glow on that special mother’s face as she is treated like the veritable queen she is.


George’s at The Cove

Snuggled among the fantastic shops and galleries in La Jolla Village, and overlooking the spectacular Pacific Ocean coastline, George’s at the Cove provides the perfect ambiance to celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day. Treat your loved one to this spectacular entrée menu Reservations are suggested.

Where to Spend Your 2018 Cinco de Mayo in La Jolla

There’s always something to see and do in La Jolla and this Cinco de Mayo weekend is no different. Check out these awesome eating establishments! As always, please party responsibly.


Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.28.53 PM
Prior to Puesto, many San Diegans had departed home to pursue other desires in other places. Sure, we found a few hotspots, a few places away from home, but it has always been Chef Luisteen’s tacos that brought us back to our senses and returned us to San Diego. His undying fervor for utterly re-defining the taco brought us back to our hometown of San Diego to begin a family-owned business, a delightful taco stand we’d never even dreamed of. Now that we’re tacoteurs, we have never looked back.

What’s in store? How about handmade maíz azul stone-ground tortillas, sustainable meats and seafood, slow-cooked guisados, and made from scratch, mouth-watering scratch salsas? Puesto is a merriment of fundamental Mexican flavors and an homage to the diverse palate of Mexico City.

Our bar features freshly made margaritas, house made aguas frescas, and wines from the burgeoning Valle de Guadalupe region of Baja.

The Puesto Party Philosophy still maintains that each and every celebration will be large, lively, booming and yet refined. At Puesto’s you’ll observe a bevy of fashionable people from all walks of life consuming great food and enjoying colorful conversations. But don’t fret! Your debutante grandmother is also there drinking her portion of the best tequila. Our parties are dedicated to her as well as anyone else that comes to Puesto for merriment.

Don Carlos Taco Shop

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.30.26 PMFor numerous decades Don Carlos Taco Shop has offered fine catering services to the greater San Diego community. Whether your group consists of 10 people or 200 individuals, Don Carlos has the capacity to prepare a delightful spread that will be sure to satisfy all sorts of tastes and cravings.

Verdes el Ranchero

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 2.31.51 PM

Opened in 1945 by Buzzy Martinez and affectionately nicknamed “The Ranch” by La Jolla residents, Verdes El Ranchero is one of the few restaurants to have outlived La Jolla’s ever changing tide from an old-fashioned seaside community to one of international acclaim. Since 2009, it is has been owned and operated by the Green family who have called the Barber Tract home for three decades. Gloria and her daughter Megan tirelessly work to preserve the cordiality and warmth that keep “The Ranch” an establishment where it is not unusual to observe four generations of families enjoying the finest Mexican cuisine La Jolla has to offer.

Verdes El Ranchero offers a full bar featuring a wide array of Tequilas, handmade Margaritas, and, of course, Mexican beers. The menu offers a range of Mexican dishes from chile rellenos, carnitas, enchiladas, burritos, and scrumptious tamales. Of course, fresh salads, tostadas and soups are also available as well as much more!

Visitors to Verdes El Ranchero will find themselves bounded by the cheerful colors of Mexico that ever exude warmth and relaxation. Enjoy rich wood accents and hand painted murals, as well, some of which date back to the early 1960’s, and of course, local artwork for sale.

Cheers in La Jolla this St. Patrick’s Day

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.34.52 PM

Hey, San Diego, St. Paddy’s Day is this weekend and it’s time to get your green on! Here are some of the best places to grab a pint of ale, swill some brewski’s, or be like Columbus and take a chance on discovering some fantastic grub in the local area.

Public House

Who’s hungry? The burgers and specialty ales at The Public House La Jolla your home away from home! You’d be remiss not to breeze through the friendly doors into a welcoming atmosphere to delight in their rotating taps of Belgian and German beers, local San Diego beers, as well as many difficult to locate craft beers and microbrews from all around the world. Besides a fantastic selection of bottled beers, many of which are specialty and limited release beers, locals and visitors alike are sure to find something simply amazing at The Public House La Jolla.

The Public House Bar & Grill is located in the very heart of historic La Jolla Village on Kline Street, between Fay & Eads Street.

The Rooftop La Jolla

This splendid, recently remodeled ocean view lounge provides a spirited and enjoyable atmosphere with more than a wee bit of tranquility and class that everyone can certainly enjoy. It is conveniently located on Prospect Street in the very heart of downtown La Jolla. Rooftop is acknowledged for its consummate fine dining, extraordinary live entertainment, and you have to experience to believe it, truly outstanding service. The Rooftop La Jolla is just what the doctor ordered for one and all!

LJ Crafted Wines

Who said you just have to drink beer on St. Patrick’s Day? If you’re more of a wine person, head on over to LJ Crafted Wines. They are an Urban Winery Tasting Room In La Jolla. Serving Fine Wines Directly From The Barrel.

And don’t forget to stop by Karl Strauss in La Jolla, or their main brewery in Pacific Beach, San Diego. St.

And as always, don’t push your luck – drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive.


It’s A Date! Celebrate Valentine’s Day in La Jolla

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 5.19.49 PM

Valentine’s Day, the quintessential day of love, is rapidly approaching. More than a splendid day of gifting chocolates and flowers to someone special. There’s hardly anything more romantic than a tranquil environment where quality wine and a delectable meal in a five-star restaurant may be enjoyed with your loved one. How convenient would it be if one of the better restaurants in La Jolla were actually located inside your hotel? As luck would have it for vacationers and local San Diegans alike, there are numerous hotels in La Jolla with premier on-site restaurants, all crème de la crème for a celebration of romance in San Diego’s premier seaside community.

The restaurant inside the elegant Empress Hotel is located near the ocean, a delightful hotel that caters to guests from around the country. The Empress features a restaurant appropriately named Manhattan that mimics the presence and atmosphere of a definitive New York lounge. Live piano shows pay tribute to an unobtrusive and warm ambiance. Diners and lovers alike have a choice to either eat in the bar lounge area, or conversely may opt to spend their special time together relishing their meal in the private dining room. Designated as San Diego’s Best Romantic Restaurant, Manhattan provides its diners with the additional extravagance of an award-winning menu, featuring specialties such as veal chop, a signature scampi, classic cannelloni and homemade pastas. For that special Valentine’s Day romantic date, Manhattan’s delicious offerings, along with its reserved, affectionate surroundings make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience long to be cherished by lovers.

The Nine-Ten Restaurant is a first-rate steakhouse conveniently located on La Jolla’s historic Prospect Street inside the Grande Colonial. Nine-Ten diners have an option to revel in airy al-fresco dining on its private sidewalk patio, or in the soothing ambiance of its indoor dining room which features opulent mahogany wood accents and lofty ceilings. Nine-Ten provides its ever-welcome guests this Valentine’s Day with an expansive selection of quality, local menu choices and fine wine. Couples are able to pamper themselves with delightful dishes crafted from locally grown produce and indigenous La Jolla seafood. The atmosphere at Nine-Ten is the perfect place to enjoy numerous entrees along with tastefully paired wine. For that romantic night you seek with your special someone, Nine-Ten delivers lasting memories along with its memorable menu selections.

The Shores Restaurant is fittingly located in the La Jolla Shores Hotel. The restaurant provides lovers and couples with an incomparable ocean view of the Pacific. For lovers who prefer to enjoy the fresh scent of the Pacific replete with the sound of the waves, as well as relax in a calm ocean breeze, The Shores Restaurant features an open-air patio. The expansive layout and modest decor creates a laid back setting that is great for lovers and couples seeking a special night out filled with a romantic atmosphere and a mouth-watering menu.

Additionally, guests staying at the La Jolla Shores Hotel may be ensured they will receive kingly and queenly treatment from their deluxe, full-service accommodations. They additionally offer special romance deals that include special discounts and accompaniments to enhance a special Valentine’s Day stay.