Satellite Service Made Simple with Amerisat

A domestic satellite dish is in the foreground, in the background is an apartment building and sunset

For those in the know, Amerisat is San Diego’s premier satellite provider. Family owned since 1983, Amerisat is currently run by founder Robert Dudley’s son Chris Dudley and provides contemporary communications with attention to the details. Whether you’re looking for satellite service, installation of a home theater, or something else, Amerisat is the place to go. With their help we’ve created a simple guide to your satellite experience.

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Community Spotlight: Alta Vista Properties Inc.

Jackie Alexander Real Estate Agent and Alta Vista Properties Inc. An image of a La Jolla Beach with a logo and Jackie Alexander headshot layered over it. Beach image courtesy of Thomas Galvez

Major personal decisions like renting your home or finding a property for your business are daunting, even ignoring financial and legal considerations. Having an expert on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of realty is a huge help. Luckily, Alta Vista Properties Inc. has been San Diego’s go-to for property management and realty expertise since 1980. Continue reading

Community Spotlight: Prestige Floors Inc.

Whether you’re looking to remodel or are facing some unexpected floor damage, you’ll find your best flooring solution at Prestige Floors Inc.! Prestige Floors Inc. is a favorite San Diego business specializing in hardwood floors with an excellent customer service record and sophisticated flooring technique. Head to this family owned business to get the fast, easy flooring experience you deserve. Continue reading

Embracing Chinese New Year Superstitions in La Jolla

chineseCountries all around the world will celebrate the Lunar New Year on January 31, including China, Vietnam and Japan. Lunar New Year or also known as Chinese New Year is based on a lunisolar calendar. Chinese New Year begins on a different date every year which is different from the Western calendar. Traditionally, Chinese New Year celebrations run over two weeks with a focus on family, food and cultural traditions.
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6 Great Tips for Getting Organized

Messy unorganized closet full of clothes2014 is officially here! Did you know that January is National Get Organized month? If getting organized is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you can definitely start this weekend. Any ladies out there who love to shop? This is a perfect time to clean out your closets (and shop for new clothes too!) Whether you are cleaning out your desk at work, tidying up your garage at home or redecorating the entire house, we found 6 great tips for getting organized by California Closets.
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Reasons Why You Should Clean this Winter

Photo Credit: livesimplylivethriftylivesavvy.comSpring cleaning is overrated- now is the time for winter cleaning! Winter is a time when La Jollans tend to have more guests over, host more parties and in general, spend more time indoors. This is why fall and winter cleaning have begun to take precedence over the well-known “spring cleaning” tradition.

Thoroughly cleaning your La Jolla home once a year simply won’t do and even worse, the build-up of dust and dirt can lead to allergies and illness. A deep clean in December might be just what the doctor ordered, so hire on some help if necessary and get out that vacuum!
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Small Tokens of Appreciation for Public Service Workers

Photo Credit: siliconangle.comThis holiday season, consider giving gifts to the La Jolla service people who help you and your family on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Spread holiday cheer and give them a gift or generous tip to show your appreciation for their hard work and dedication. So what is an appropriate and respectable gift to give public service workers? We’re here to help you pick the best present for your trusted service person. Continue reading

Gift Guide for DIY Lovers

Photo Source: handymanlessons.comToday is Black Friday! Are you trying to shop for an adamant do-it-yourselfer? You know who we’re talking about- the person who is constantly toting around tools to fix every squeaky hinge, and always refusing to call a La Jolla professional because they say, “I can do it myself.” Even though all of their projects don’t go exactly as planned, you still love them and want to give a gift they’ll enjoy, so why not some tools and gadgets to help with their DIY hobby? Continue reading