8 Creepiest Halloween Cocktail Recipes On Pinterest

Halloween Cocktail Recipes
lowcarbsosimple.com / Via pinterest.com

Hosting a Halloween bash this year? Maybe you’re looking to relax with a cocktail and a Halloween horror flick at home? Either way, we’ve made it easy for you to try some creatively creepy Halloween cocktail recipes straight from Pinterest! Be sure to stop by Hi Sweetheart on Ivanhoe for Halloween-themed party supplies.

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7 Easy Semi-Homemade Christmas Treats

Enjoy all the fun of holiday baking without turning on your oven with these seven semi-homemade holiday treats! These fast and easy no-bake treats are made with store-bought goodies like Nilla cookies, Rice Krispie treats, and Oreos. Bring them to your next Christmas party or box them up as edible gifts!

Christmas Tree Scones via Sugarbelle
Simply choose a scone flavor of your choice (usually found in the bakery section of most grocery stores) and decorate with store bought frosting tubes, dot with decorative sprinkles and done!
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7 Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

It’s Thanksgiving week and while you’re busy planning and shopping for your menu we want to help make your holiday decorating easy. Most of these supplies can be find at many La Jolla shops or local arts & crafts supplies store. So get your glue guns out cause it’s time to get crafty! Here are 7 easy DIY thanksgiving decor ideas to try this year.

pumpkin centerpiece, stop by your local florist and put this fun centerpiece together. via jennysteffens.blogspot.com
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Community Spotlight: Lydia McNeil Creator Of Soledad Jam

On any given Sunday you can stroll through the aisles of booths at the La Jolla Open Aire Market and find one of the best artisanal jams in town: Soledad Jam. I sat down with owner and creator, Lydia McNeil and learned how Soledad Jam came to be and what makes her jam so unique. Continue reading

How to Plan the Perfect Fourth of July Menu

The Fourth of July is right around the corner leaving many confused and frustrated about creating a foolproof menu for your patriotic party. We’ve decided to compile a list of our perfect Fourth of July menu to ensure a fun and successful day.


While bite size appetizers always seem like such a cute idea, in essence they can be time consuming and extremely difficult to eat. Instead I’ve found that dips are the safest bet for a casual snack before the actual meal. My two personal favorite dips are buffalo chicken dip and spinach artichoke dip. Both are extremely simple to make and are immediate crowd pleasers. You can serve the dips with French bread crostinis or simply with scoops tortilla chips. If you know you will have vegetarian guests, is usually a good idea to serve a separate dip so as not to leave out some of your guests.

The Main Dish:

The SoCal Company

Credit: The SoCal Company

When I think of the Fourth of July, I immediately think hot dogs and hamburgers. I thought back to how a large hamburger can be a little daunting when you are trying to enjoy your company and talk to old friends, so I wanted to keep the hot dogs and instead substitute the hamburgers with sliders. The toppings for the dogs and sliders are the most important part, however. Be sure to set up a do-it-yourself topping bar with pre-sliced pickles, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and of course the typical condiments like ketchup, mustard, relish and mayonnaise. If you’re feeling more adventurous try creative toppings like grilled chiles, sautéed mushrooms and bacon. Remember, if you are hosting vegetarians, be sure to have some veggie dogs or patties at hand.
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DIY St. Patrick’s Day Treats

Well, it’s almost that time again – to bust out the green attire, the green beer, and the goodies! Every year, people all over the world take part in what has affectionately become known as “St. Patty’s Day” celebrations; food, drink, and parties seem to be the norm! We’ve put together a few tasty ideas for St. Patrick’s Day that are perfect for a small get-together or just to make for the family. Check out these DIY St. Patrick’s day treats! Continue reading

DIY Oscar Party Ideas

The Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, March 2, and everyone knows the evening is all about the glitz and the glam! You can still catch an Oscar nominated film in La Jolla this weekend too. Hosting an Oscar party? Add your own unique, homemade touch to the evening with these fun DIY Oscar party ideas:

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