Hanukkah Happenings in La Jolla

Celebrate Hanukkah in La Jolla with these 5 family-friendly events. Hanukkah, or Chanukah, kicks off this year on December 16th at sundown (as all Jewish holidays do), this eight-day celebration commemorates the victory of the Macabees over the armies of Syria in 165 B.C.E. and the subsequent liberation and “re-dedication” of the Temple in Jerusalem. This joyous holiday is celebrated by lighting a special menorah for eight-nights, indulging in delicious food cooked in oil such as latkes (potato pancakes) and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), and fun dreidel games. Continue reading

How to Find a Home Church in La Jolla

La JollaIf you’re new to La Jolla, CA and are looking for a new home church, we understand that it can seem like an intimidating process at first. However, using the La Jolla Blue Book “Faith” directory can prove to be a viable asset. Being a part of a church family can offera lot of benefits for new La Jolla home owners. Joining a church is a great way to meet and fellowship with new likeminded people, grow closer to God and your family, and having a home church anchors families which is especially important after a move. Finding a church in La Jolla soon after your move will help re-establish a sense of normalcy as everyone readjust to the new (and beautiful) surroundings. Continue reading

La Jolla Church Events for March 2014

Photo Credit: http://www.lajollalutheranchurch.comLa Jolla’s religious community is kicking off the Lenten season with plenty of fun faith-filled events. Local La Jolla Churches are a great place to meet new people, fellowship with likeminded individuals and enjoy family friendly fun all within the beauty of this seaside city. As Easter draws near, now is the time to really connect to your church family or, if you’re new to La Jolla, to find a place of worship to call home.
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Faith-Based Youth Programs for La Jolla Kids

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Are you searching for a La Jolla church that would be great for both you and your kids? We understand that finding a local church with a great nursery and youth program is important. You want to make sure that when your children attending a church youth group that they’re being mentored while also having fun. Listed below are some La Jolla youth groups that your kids are going to want to keep attending week after week. Continue reading

Finding the Perfect Place for Sunday Service in La Jolla

Photo Credit: chicagonow.comWhen situations in life seem too hard to bear, it’s a relief for some to put trust in faith or a higher power.  For years, people all over the world and from different denominations have sought comfort on Sunday mornings. Whether you live in La Jolla or are just visiting, join the individuals of many faiths who fill the seats of churches and synagogues throughout La Jolla. The community’s Sunday morning services appeal to many different denominations including Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran or Presbyterian. Continue reading

Faith Based Volunteer Opportunities in La Jolla

Photo Credit: fassw.orgWhile La Jolla is best recognized for its stunning seaside views, five star restaurants and boutique shopping, one of the standout characteristics is the community. The tight knit community has shown significant growth – welcoming newcomers from various parts of the nation and world – topping the charts at an estimated 46,000 residents. Plus, more ethnically diverse today than in the past 10 years according to the US Census, La Jolla has become a community of faith where everyone is welcome. Continue reading

Mt. Soledad’s Mounting Controversy, Part II

Photo Credit: wcvarones.comThe prominent white cross on Mt. Soledad in La Jolla, CA has become a nationwide talking point and a controversial religious symbol. Click here if you would like to read Part I of our Mt. Soledad series, which covers its history through the 1900s.

This blog post will enlighten you on the more recent legal battles and what the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association plans on doing in an attempt to keep the cross in place. Continue reading

Mt. Soledad’s Mounting Controversy, Part I

Photo Credit: soledadmemorial.comThe 822-foot tall mountain known as Mount Soledad lies peacefully within La Jolla, CA. Atop the mountain rests a white concrete cross standing at 43 feet tall, last built in 1954. There have been two previous crosses in the same location, with the first being built in 1913. The cross became a topic of debate in the late 1980s Continue reading