Tips for Booking a La Jolla Vacation Rental or Hotel

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Your vacation is a time to relax and let go of stress, so begin it with a trouble-free search for a La Jolla Vacation rental or hotel. La Jolla offers many beautiful and reliable places to choose from. Here’s a few booking strategies to make your search painless.

La Jolla Vacation Rentals

A La Jolla vacation rental is great if you want a more private experience or are interested in trying something new. Don’t wade through hundreds of listings or risk a rental from Airbnb! Instead, avoid a surprise of no air conditioning or a broken sofa by going through a rental company.

“There are scams out there,” says Michelle Aarons, owner and manager of La Jolla Vacation Rentals. “We get people who call and say [they] rented our house and we say ‘No, you didn’t’ because people steal our photos and put them on Craigslist.”

La Jolla Cottages, La Jolla Vacation Rentals, and All Star Vacation Homes have collections of detailed house profiles easy to browse from home. Their wide ranges of prices, sizes and locations are sure to include your perfect La Jolla vacation rental. The whole family’s welcome as many are pet friendly!

Curious about some of your choices?

For larger parties (the more the merrier!) try this stunning 10-guest house (top) from All Star Vacation Homes.

La Jolla Vacation Rental - La Jolla Vacation RentalsThis charming house (above) is great for a smaller family trip from La Jolla Vacation Rentals. You could also go with this pet friendly home from La Jolla Cottages close to La Jolla Cove.

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Aarons said the “number one thing” she recommends people do is check the references and reviews which all legitimate vacation rental websites will have. Other things to look for?

“Get in touch with the people you’re booking with, see if they call you back right away, because that will be representative of your stay there,” Aarons said. When making your plans, ask what comes with your La Jolla vacation rental. Are linens and towels provided? What about beach toys, bikes, or strollers? These companies provide all of this and more, but you may not be so lucky somewhere else.

La Jolla Hotels

If you want more personal attention, visit one of La Jolla’s unique hotels. Whether they’re special because of their view, design, or both, each La Jolla hotel has its own character.  We’ve picked a few local favorites sure to give you the true La Jolla experience.

The Bed & Breakfast Inn At La Jolla has a wide variety of rooms perfect for a couple’s vacation or girls’ weekend. Choose from suite themes including Fiesta, Ellen Browning Scripps (think Scripps Pier) and Country Village.

La Jolla Vacation Hotel - La Jolla Shores HotelThe La Jolla Shores Hotel (above) offers rooms and event spaces right on La Jolla Shores. Go here for a big event or wedding or just a small family vacation! If you want a pet friendly hotel in central La Jolla try the La Jolla Village Lodge. Visit their rooftop garden for a soothing spot to kick back!

Whether you go with a La Jolla vacation rental or a La Jolla hotel, any option will provide you and your guests with a beautiful place to rest after a long day at the beach, as well as immediate access to the surrounding community.

For more places to book a La Jolla vacation rental or hotel, check our hotel directory or vacation rental directory. Don’t forget to look at our calendar of upcoming events in La Jolla!

Images courtesy of All Star Vacation Homes, La Jolla Vacation Rentals, and The La Jolla Shores Hotel. 

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