Live Bee Removal: Turn Your Bee Problem Into Fresh Honey

bee best bee removalBee Best Bee Removal is one of the only bee removal companies in all of San Diego that can do both live removal and full elimination. 90% of their swarm removals are done live, and they are constantly trying to improve that number. If you’re looking for a compassionate way to remove a bee hive from your home or property, Bee Best Bee is the way to go – they’ll come in to assess the situation that same day, and if possible, rehabilitate the colony and transport it to a local farm that can process, develop, and sell the honey they’ve made. The Blue Book sat down with Barbara at Bee Best Bee Removal to get a little more information about the whole process.

African Bees vs. European Honeybees

Many people are a little unsure about the difference between African bees, African killer bees, and European honeybees. Not all colonies are made up of the same type of bee; in fact, most are a hybrid, or mixture, of Africanized bees and honeybees – meaning they are all more aggressive than usual.

Most wild bees are Africanized and considerably more aggressive than normal honey bees. This hybridization came about in the the 1950s; scientists in Brazil were experimenting to create a species that was more productive and able to manufacture more honey. Unfortunately, this crossbreeding created a hybrid that was extremely violent, and it is this engineered mix that homeowners are struggling to contend with today.

The Bee Whisperer

live bee removal bee best bee

Owner Jeff Lutz has been in the bee business since he was 15 years old, when he was working as an assistant beekeeper in San Diego. Jeff started his own company – the original Bee Best Bee Removal in La Mesa – in 1993. Bees are definitely in Jeff’s blood; his coworkers affectionately refer to him as the “bee whisperer” and say he can, quite literally, smell a hive through a wall.

He’s done swarm removals at the top of skyscrapers (the Marriott downtown), on a nuclear reactor in San Onofre, has had to be craned in (on a cell tower 80 feet up), and even gone in during a Padres game – they had to actually pause play so he could remove the bees. Needless to say, he’s done a lot of crazy jobs – and the crazier it is, the more Jeff wants to do it.

How Does Live Bee Removal Work?

live bee removal bee best bee

So, how exactly do the experts at Best Bee Removal take care of the bee problem in your home? They will try to remove the colony from the trouble site and take them to a specialty bee clinic for rehabilitation. Once there, members of the co-op “Network” will rehabilitate the bees by re-queening the colony with a certified Italian Queen, which are chosen for their genetic (and less aggressive) DNA. The new queen will lay eggs that will eventually hatch, carrying her more subdued genetic makeup – a process that generally takes about 30-60 days. The result is a colony of bees that’s less defensive, less aggressive and easier to work with.

Once rehabilitated, the colonies are placed with beekeepers or farmers. Experts will develop and sell the honey that the bees have been working on; none of it goes to waste, and customers can receive the honey from their own bee removal if they wish. Bee Best Bee is one of just a handful of companies that is able to perform both live removal and elimination. They’re usually available for same-day service, and make it their priority to do what’s best for both the homeowner and the bees.

Check out an up-close-and-personal video of the experts dropping off a colony of bees at the bee clinic:

If you are experiencing a problem with bees on your property, give Bee Best Bee Removal a call at (619) 464-2057 or visit their website.


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