Beautiful La Jolla Beaches That Suit Your Personality

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La Jolla, known as San Diego’s Jewel City, is a coastal paradise drawing in thousands of tourists each year. Did you know that La Jolla is home ten of some of the most beautiful beaches in San Diego? Each with a personality of their own. So with that being said, here’s a small selection of La Jolla beaches that will suit any personality!

Tourist or Surfer: Windansea Beach is one of the most photographed beaches in the world due to its semi-secluded patches of beach, beautiful cliffs and stunning sunsets. Hang out under the surf shack, explore some shallow underwater reefs, or if you’re an experienced surfer, enjoy the area’s best waves.

Adventure-Seeker: La Jolla Cove beach is the place to go for any adventure activity in La Jolla. The calm protected water is great for swimming, snorkeling and diving among docile leopard sharks and a variety of other sea life. This is also the perfect area to grab a bite to eat at one of La Jolla’s popular restaurant’s, such as Brockton Villa which overlooks the Cove.

Kid at Heart: La Jolla Children’s Pool was originally a safe and area devoted to swimming for children. Local harbor seals and sea lions, however, have since taken over. The beach has now become a great place to walk out onto the sea wall amidst crashing waves and watch the new baby seal pups scoot along in the sand.

Family Oriented: La Jolla Shores is a great beach for family fun in the sun. Bring some beach games or just roll out a giant blanket and soak up the beautiful scenery. Stay the entire day and have a bonfire at one of the nearby beach firepits. Nearby Kellogg Park is also the perfect setting for a picnic or cookout. Looking to stay for the weekend at a La Jolla hotel on the beach? Consider The La Jolla Shores Hotel.

Naturalist: Black’s Beach was once the city’s isolated nudist beach, attracting groups of people for full moon drum circles. While nudity or alcohol is no longer allowed, don’t be surprised if you see some people trying to relive those days and be prepared to cover your eyes. This is also a popular surfing spot for locals.

No matter what you have planned for your beach day, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to spend the afternoon. Ready for more? Check out our San Diego must-see guide.

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