BayView Senior Assisted Living: A Home Away From Home

bayview senior assisted livingAssisted living can be a tough business, but Jeffrey, co-owner and administrator of BayView Senior Assisted Living, knows what goes into creating a compassionate and successful assisted care facility. We sat down with Jeff and got the scoop on his favorite part about the business and what kind of care you can expect from BayView.

Advocates for the Elderly

Jeff’s family has been advocating for seniors for years; he started out on the financial side of things when he was younger, meaning he was in care facilities learning about arranging care and becoming accustomed to the industry. Both of Jeff’s grandmothers had dementia, so he saw the good and the bad early on and immediately knew he wanted to do something that would benefit those who suffer from memory care issues. That’s part of the reason that BayView will continue to assist the elderly and specialize in memory care; namely, Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

A Home-Away-From-Home

The house is a charming building that initially served as a convent starting in the 40s; by 1975, it had been turned into a residential care facility for the elderly. Now, Jeff and his family own the property and have already begun renovations, which include expanding the outside patio seating area, repainting, and updating the interior. It doesn’t need much, though – the building already exudes a cozy, comforting aura and provides beautiful ocean views. Its wood floors and pale yellow walls truly make it feel like a home-away-from-home, which is exactly the type of facility Jeff is striving for.

bayview senior assisted living

What Makes BayView Different?

Size. Size varies greatly in the assisted living community – homes will have as few as six beds or as many as 200. BayView has just 17 beds, which is a size that allows for staff to be on-site 24/7 and a higher staff-to-resident ratio. There are three staff shifts and awake staff on duty all night, meaning someone is always available. That kind of attention to detail really shows: it’s in the quality of care and the incredible reputation that precedes the staff at BayView. Many caregivers have been there for several years and have developed a rapport with the family members of its residents.

The staff. Each staff member has been extensively trained in the needs of those with memory care issues. One of the long-term caregivers has actually been promoted to house manager – meaning that the day-to-day operations of the house are supervised by someone who knows the ins and outs of the business.

Health & Happiness at BayView

Jeff’s favorite part about the business is simply helping people; for him, the most rewarding aspect of assisted living is seeing residents improve a little bit each day. When asked about a favorite memory, a man named Ron stands out in Jeff’s mind. Ron had been living in a skilled nursing facility for a few weeks before being transferred to BayView by his wife. He had a host of physical issues and was in pretty bad shape; he could hardly walk, was unable to get out of bed, had sleepless nights, and spent most of his time immobile. After having been at BayView for just a couple of months, Jeff noticed a dramatic improvement in Ron’s health: he now gets around by himself with a walker, can carry on a conversation, and has developed such close relationships with his caregivers that he calls them his “ladies”!

Ron’s story is just an example of the kind of attention to detail and innate sense of compassion that truly set BayView apart in an industry that’s become increasingly difficult to navigate. If your loved one is in need of assisted living or memory care, visit their website or give them a call at (619) 225-5616.

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