Awning Solutions Inc. | San Diego, CA

La Jolla Blue Book presents our latest “Quiet on the Set” video featuring Awning Solutions Inc.

Specializing in fixed and retractable awnings, Awning Solutions Inc fabricates and installs custom fixed awnings.

A customer service driven company manufacturing sunscreens, custom awnings, retractable awnings, and canopies entirely in-house at its Spring Valley facility. Awning Solutions is led by CEO and founder Manny Loechner and his experienced team of welders, sewers, installers, and in-house graphics/design professionals. They will create your custom awning or canopy while at all times retaining control from fabrication to installation.

For businesses, Awning Solutions is your solution for a custom quality awning that will hold up over time and that will be designed with a custom look that will impress prospective clients and help get them in the door.

And for your home, Awning Solutions will assess your needs and create a custom solution whether it’s giving you less cover so that you can enjoy those hot summer days or more cover to protect you from rain and winter elements. Among the virtually endless options offered by Awning Solutions are retractable awnings which are great for home decks and patios. Have a party rain or shine because with a retractable awning you will always be able to adjust to the elements with a switch of a button.

To schedule a free consultation or for more information, please visit Awning Solutions or contact them at,


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