Avoid Stress This Tax Season: Tips From Local CPA Steven Alpinieri

CPA steven alpinieriArguably one of the most stressful times of year, tax season can be confusing, difficult, and incredibly overwhelming. Small business owners and individuals alike are scrambling to meet the April 15 deadline, organize their books, and figure out what they may owe – or get back from – the IRS. Local CPA Steven Alpinieri (Certified Public Accountant), sat down with us to share his expertise, give us a few tips on how to minimize stress this tax season, and relay a few common filing errors.  

Meet Steven 

Steven Alpinieri has been serving the community of La Jolla as a CPA for nearly 15 years. He and his staff run a full service accounting firm, meaning they do more than just tax return preparation – they also compile financial statements; help with new business formation, tax planning, and tax credit preparation and calculations; organize trusts and estates (especially the elderly, who may need to file estate tax returns or do electronic payments); and perform financial reviews. They specialize in personal as well as corporate accounts, from simple to the most complex – so don’t be afraid to come to him with complicated financial issues!

In fact, Steven’s firm takes pride in helping clients with multiple needs and complex
accounts – and their ability to hone in on areas where they can really help people save money on their taxes (a record amount of money saved for one client totaled nearly $300,000). The firm truly builds value for its clients, helping them sleep better at night knowing someone is taking care of it and, even more importantly, that it’s been done correctly.


CPA steven alpinieri

  1. Look at all the tax credits that may be available to you – California job credits, healthcare credits for individuals and businesses, and research and development credits.
  2. If in doubt, get your taxes done professionally. Too many businesses that self-prepare make major errors, like booking expenses to the wrong accounts, logging incomplete transactions, and even missing fraudulent checks.
  3. It’s deductible if it’s reasonable and necessary.
  4. Come up with planning ideas for retirement, healthcare, etc. early on; before they become last-minute necessities.

Common Filing Errors

  1. Failing to claim tax credits on personal tax reports.
  2. Failing to claim all of your deductions and thus losing money that could be returned.
  3. Not record-keeping throughout the fiscal year, which can lead to a larger mess that you have to sort through come tax season.

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Bridging the Gap

If Steven and his team come across a problem they can’t address themselves, they have a referral list on hand for any needs that must be contracted out. As a financial liason, Steven will act as a bridge between your small business and the bank. He and his partners will ensure you are being charged fairly and that you are paying what you should be paying – no more and no less. If you’re having problems with your taxes, his staff will sort out any challenges and dig into any deeper issues that may be present. They pride themselves on their attentiveness to client needs and will always call back within 24 hours, guaranteed.

One of Steven’s favorite parts of the business is simply helping people and ensuring they’re getting the most out of their financial situation. One of his favorite success stories was helping a man who came to him thinking he owed $20k in taxes. After Steven and the team sorted through his accounts and organized his statements, they were able to get him $20k back after his tax filings! As it turned out, some simple bookkeeping issues and unclaimed tax credits were the culprits – simple fixes for a trained expert.

To schedule a first (also totally free) consultation with La Jolla CPA Steven Alpinieri, call 858-230-6610 or visit his website.

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