When NOT to attempt DIY Plumbing Repairs

DIY Plumbing RepairsDo-it-yourself projects are all the rage these days, but when regular homeowners perform repairs that professionals are trained to do, many things can go wrong. For those living in La Jolla, the only large body of water you should see is the Pacific Ocean, not a flood in your bathroom or kitchen.


So before you tackle any projects on your own, here is a list of home repairs that you always want to entrust to a trained plumbing specialist:

  • Dishwasher or water treatment installations. Dealing with water is tricky business, mainly because there are certain health standards and regulations that must be met. It can also be difficult to make sure water lines are properly hooked up and sealed to avoid any leakage.
  • Water heater installation. This is one DIY job that can be very destructive. Since many water heaters use natural gas and involve working with gas lines, an improperly installed water heater could result in gas leaks, posing a huge health risk to you, your family and your pets.
  • Pipe-fitting or welding. When rearranging the preexisting piping system in your home many things can go wrong. Most importantly, if pipes aren’t expertly welded closed, leaks could lead to mold growth inside the walls of your home. With professional remediation costing a pretty penny, the result is an even more costly repair than if you would have had a professional plumber fix it.
  • Bad drain blockages. Using commercial drain-clearing products regularly can corrode metal and plastic pipes over time, especially if you live in an older home. Don’t risk damaging the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen with such an inexpensive plumbing repair.

If you’ve been putting off any repairs in your home, take this as a sign to get professional help! There are many local contractors and plumbers that have the knowledge and expertise to fix any water problems quickly and efficiently. For other home repair services in La Jolla, click here and rest assured your home will be safe and warm for the upcoming holiday season.

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