An Evening At La Jolla Comedy Store

Upon approaching the La Jolla Comedy Store, you may take note of the building’s gloomy exterior. Painted completely black with dark tint over all the windows, the mood given off by this structure is not likely to evoke thoughts of entertainment and humor. Before being allowed to enter the building you will be informed by the doorman that any hagglers will be asked to leave, there is a 2 drink minimum and and you should promptly shut off your phone.

An evening at La Jolla Comedy Store

After buying your ticket and entering the establishment you will find your ears greeted by the distinct buzz of chatter. Other loosely dispersed guests congregate amongst themselves in a dimly-lit lobby that gives off a mysterious red glow. If a group of hefty loud cigar-smoking show biz men were to stop by, they would fit in perfectly with the shadowy ambiance. The long dark walls are lined with a plethora of picture frames occupied by faces of the most successful individuals to have performed at La Jolla Comedy Club. A large miscellaneous football trophy also oddly occupies a space along one wall.

The gathering of show-goers in the lobby gradually starts to thin as people trickle into the auditorium, where each pair or group of guests is led by a polite staff member to one of the small circular tables dispersed throughout the room. If you have an extroverted and unabashed nature, feel free to sit up in the front row just inches away from the stage. But if you’re the timid type and have no interest in being singled out throughout the show, you might be best off by sitting a few rows back out of view of witty comedians looking for some spontaneous improv material. Almost immediately after being seated, a waitress who calls you “doll” scrambles to take your order for those two mandatory drinks. In addition to the usual wines, beers and martinis, you will also be presented with the opportunity to purchase an addictive bag of popcorn …or 2 or 3.

The offensive humor pervasive though the dozen or so skits performed in a night is assuredly not tailored for everyone. Whether its race, sex, or drugs, the entertainers at La Jolla Comedy Store exhibit no hesitation in addressing delicate issues in a not-so-delicate manner. But if you don’t consider yourself to be the most politically correct person (or far from it), you may very well find the controversial yet witty humor exhibited by these comedians to be a worthwhile and amusing form of absurdity. The unique experience offered by an evening at La Jolla Comedy Store undoubtedly provides an eccentric contribution to the diverse and exciting nightlife La Jolla has to offer.

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